Avtar Women

Avtar Women was conceptualized and launched by Dr. Saundarya Rajesh in December 2005 (it was called AVTAR I-WIN then). When it was launched, the portal was India’s very first career service for women. We specialize in creating and providing opportunities for women who have taken a break in their careers and are now intent on getting back to the mainstream. For the woman who has her career aspirations as high as her family priorities and is now ready to balance both, in order to get the best of both the worlds. For the one who is keen to rise to her full potential. We are probably India’s largest creator of career re-entries for women.

Avtar Women was a path breaking initiative which revolutionized how the industry worked – a true blue-ocean idea. After creating thousands of careers and improving thousands of lives in the process, we have evolved Avtar Women into more than just a recruitment service. Today, we are India’s best when it comes to women’s careers and a 3.5 lakh-strong network of women professionals across India. Our recruitment service is still as strong as ever (over 15000 placements and counting) but we now cater to every aspect of a woman’s career.

During the course of the journey, we realized that merely connecting women to jobs is not the answer. Helping her build employability, sustainable working, cutting edge information, shock-proof behavioral resilience and ensuring the Indian Woman Professional’s continued success at home and work is our BIG vision! We now offer the best of skill development for women through WINSKILLS - a set of breakthrough programs built on research gleaned from innumerable success stories of women professionals. Short, pithy, effective and practical – the WINSKILLS series has changed the way women view themselves and their lives. Sign up for a WINSKILLS program today!

WINSIGHT- a career and life counseling service from qualified experts – is a unique program that has changed many lives. When you meet a WINSIGHT Tactician, you obtain more than just an experienced mentor – you create a relationship with a role model who has been there, done that and knows exactly what will work in your case. The WINSIGHT Tactician Masterclass program helps senior women to hone their mentoring skills and help others enrich not just their careers but their lives as a whole.

For more details, write to us at info@avtarwomen.com. Avtar Women ensures harmonious work-life integration by helping women, who are intent on building a career for themselves, connect and interact with other women professionals across levels and backgrounds. All members of the Avtar Women network share, learn and build connections helping them reach the fullest of their potential. Join us, sign up today to become part of the Avtar Women network and empower yourself to attain work-life success!