FLEXI Careers India

FLEXI Careers India (FLEXI), a social enterprise from Avtar, works extensively in the area of Diversity & Inclusion, with a special focus on gender diversity. FLEXI enables high-growth organizations to focus sharply on an inclusive talent strategy to make the workplace more welcoming for women. FLEXI also provides placement services for diversity recruitment, workshops and training programs, creating flexi-career tracks through Flexi career solutions and Flexi-working methods.

‘Avtar Women’ is a service from FLEXI Careers India for creating sustainable careers for women professionals who are intent on making a career comeback. More than 40,000 women professionals are registered members on the portal, which is designed exclusively for the creation and fulfillment of work-life integrated careers for women. More than 8000 women have been placed on part-time/flexi-time/full-time jobs with organizations across India. This includes organizations from IT, BPO, FMCG, Banking & Financial services, Retail and other industries.

FLEXI conducts workshops and training on Appreciating & Leveraging D&I, Gender Diversity, Gender Sensitization & Awareness, Work-life balance, Women and Leadership Development programs. Using a combination of methodologies, all programs conducted by FLEXI are eminently effective in their reach and absorption.

FLEXI conducts periodical research on women’s careers, work-life balance and gender diversity. FLEXI’s services are based on the findings of these studies.

Viewport - 2007 : Country wide study on working women professionals.

Viewport - 2009 : Survey covering 283 married Indian Males aged between 25 – 65 to understand male perception of working women professionals. Outlook Business - Avtar Career Creators nation-wide survey 2010 on Work-life Balance.

Viewport - 2010 : 'Flexible Careers – Moment of Truth' - Study covering responses of 341 senior women professionals and 45 top organisations.

Viewport - 2012 : The Impact of Career Enablers on Women’s Workforce Participation. Diversity & Inclusion Practices in India - a state-of-the-nation study.

Viewport - 2014 : The Economic Centeredness of Indian Women Professionals. The Career Trajectories Of Indian Women Professionals In The IT Industry: An Empirical Study. Second Career Of Women Professionals In India: A Corporate Perspective. ‘SEGUE’ Sessions: Helping Indian Women Professionals Transition Back To Mainstream Careers After Career Breaks.