Segue Sessions

SEGUE Sessions is India’s first large format skill building and networking program for women seeking transition in their careers. It provides opportunities for women to learn from experts and senior women leaders. These training programs are also a platform for them to interact with their peers and many working women professionals who hold high positions in the corporate world. Over the years we have held these sessions across India, giving an opportunity to thousands of women to reclaim their careers. The impact has been tremendous.


With every such event, the demand for more SEGUE Sessions only seems to increase. The exclusive, by-invitation-only nature of the event means that people eagerly await their chance to be a part of it and slots fill up in a matter of hours. Huge multinational organizations have seen the potential we have unlocked and are always keen to be a part of the event and some of the biggest global players have been part of every session. As an I-Winner, you will get first preference to be a part of these exclusive, by-invitation only events and access to the latest updates and developments. You will also have the chance to share your success story and inspire other women like you.