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  Moving out and living it up

Ms. Kanul Goenka,
Director, Oreganics Brands Private Limited

  Born and brought up in Mumbai, I always loved the city. And then the rapid deterioration in values, infrastructure and air & water quality made my family leave the metropolis and move to a hill station.

Leaving behind a corporate career, a successfully running organic pizzeria (husband's), friends of a young son, and a newborn daughter in tow were some of the challenges. Those seemed easy to surmount than the daily dose of smoke filled air in a posh locality on Ghodbunder Road Thane. Contrast that with serene environs, pure air, and a pace that suits our natural body rhythm. That's what we have gained at Panchgani.

Schooling is not a problem in this education haven, our restaurant now moved here, is picking up its fair share of patrons and admirers. And I am following my dreams of teaching and coaching children and young adults.

We have a vision of building a quaint little home with our savings, our own piece of Earth (and not some apartment built-in air in the city for which we would have been paying through our noses).

We always talk about peace of mind and happiness as ultimate goals of humanity. We are able to see the glimpses of that among these hills. We can go for a ride among the clouds and not worry about crowded malls and roads. We can just peep out of our windows and enjoy a morning filled with fog (not smog). Our children play with soil and plants and bees and birds (not with their) noses on a screen). The list is endless.

Amazon, Netmeds, FirstCry deliver here and I blissfully visit small shops in nooks of tiny lanes for daily needs on my bicycle. Weekly farmer bazaars bring us the freshest seasonal produce.

I can enjoy monsoons without worrying about floods, stranded trains and choked roads. A rare sunny day brings warm sunshine in our hearts. And I look forward to get mesmerized by each season, each day, and each breath.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by the writer are purely personal


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