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Hello I-Winners,

A New Year brings with it loads of hope, joy and positivity.

Along with it, it also gives us a chance to be a better version of ourselves. To fall, to learn, to unlearn some - moving forward in our inward journeys of discovery. Here's wishing you a year that will bring out the best in you; one that will uncover some new, enriching experiences! Happy 2018!

We are happy to share that Working Mother and AVTAR hosted the 'Best Practices of the 100 Best' (BoB) Conference on the 16th of November 2017 at Chennai. BoB brought together the most ignited minds on Diversity & Inclusion in the country, creating a very enriching learning experience for the participants.

We are proud to announce the 2nd edition of SEGUE Sessions - Phase Back Conference on February 27th, 2018 at Bangalore, for Corporates and Women Professionals on dealing with the Maternity Phase back. It will be a huge platform for the companies to learn the best practices from the top companies for effectively reintegrating women employees returning from their maternity leave.

In this edition, Team AVTAR I-WIN brings you interesting write-ups from working women on parenting, keeping your passion alive, value that gender diversity adds to organisations and decoding work-life balance. Enjoy the read!

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Happy Reading!


Six Things I Learnt from Tammu

By Ms. Nisha Chandran,
Senior Manager - Training and Development, AVTAR Group

Ms. Nisha I try to learn everyday as much as I can - through reading, from daily experiences, by observing people and sometimes.


  My Story - Survival of the Fittest
By Ms. Vanishree Deepak,
Freelance Corporate Management Trainer

Ms. Vanishree In this jolly yet sometimes nauseous ride of life, if there is one feeling that's always kept me company- it is passion.


  Nurturing Gender Diversity at the Workplace

By Ms. Rita Misra,
Head HR (PDS & Emerging Businesses) & Talent (Corporate Solutions), West Asia, JLL.

Ms. Rita My firm recently celebrated Diversity and Inclusion week. Through the week, the D&I council of which I am a part of, conducted a series of events.


  Decoding Work-Life Balance: The Irony and Whether it is a "Woman Only" Prerogative?

By Ms. Sathya Sundaresan,
Freelance Blogger and HR Enthusiast.

Ms. Sathya Literally, it means the work-leisure dichotomy or the balance in the time allocated between one's work and one's leisure (Read personal life).







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