10 lessons I learnt being an Army man’s daughter

Image Courtesy – Pixabay

Article by: Lisa Sunny, Team AVTAR

As it has been rightly said “Seva Parmo Dharma!” Indian Army is one great institution that fills the nerves with the following: National Objectivity, Security, Valour, Pride, Integrity, Discipline and Welfare of the country even to the peril of the officers’ lives.

My father has been serving our country for the last 32 years , as a decorated Indian Army Officer and is now in the last leg of his tenure. He belongs to the second largest war arm of the Indian Army, “Regiment of Artillery, also known as Artillery Corps”. From serving in the drop dead cold of Siachen Glacier (highest battle field in the world), in the Operation Vijay (Kargil War} during 1999 and to  be a significant part of The National Security Guards (NSG), famously called as the Black Cats (one of the world’s most elite counter-terrorist faction), he has indeed filled our lives with ample of achievements, never ending stories and beautiful mementos which reminds us of every tenure, ups and downs, promotions, exams, stressful nights, unexplored places, unconditional love, belonging, different world of cantonments, feeling of bliss every time we used to see him after long wait.


Growing up as an Army Officer’s daughter has been one of my most fortunate blessings, you don’t need a life skills workshop because you already are in one.

Here are few out of the many important lessons that I personally learnt from my father which have helped me throughout life.

  • Analyse – Analyse all courses of action and take the best one which ensures least damage and maximum success. Once decided upon, it is to be executed ruthlessly till the mission is accomplished!
  • Be Courageous – Be prepared for any kind of contingency.
    Being alert and conscious of the fact that life is uncertain helps you in the long run. Never become complacent or too comfortable in a place, position, or time.
  • Be Secular – Respect all races, genders, religious beliefs, and ethnic backgrounds from the core and ensure compliance of respect.
    Indian Armed Forces are shining examples of equal opportunity and ‘Unity in Diversity’.
  • Self-Actualization – Don’t compete with others but oneself.
    Conduct your own SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and become SELF aware. Strive to see a better version of you each day.
  • Believe in the Team – Always trust in superiors and equally stand by subordinates.
    Mutual support to team members and setting aside individual glory for team victory is crucial for success.
  • Become a Leader and behave like one – Delegate the task according to the skill level and aptitude. Having a clear understanding of your team’s individual strengths and aptitude levels, will help to reach an output effectively.
  • Be Truthful – Never tell lies whether small or big. Be bold, be fearless and always speak the truth. Integrity and character is what makes of a person.
  • Become a Decision Maker – Decision making is the toughest job, but practice every day to take decisions. You are always alone at the crucial moments of life but trust in God and good of the people for whom you are taking decisions. Most often your decisions taken, will be right.
  • Stay Fit – A bullet cannot kill anyone but bleeding can.
    Never take your health for granted or prolong an underlying health issue. 
  • Don’t Quit – Life is short, therefore die giving a good fight. Let enemy salute you for your valour! It’s easy to deviate and fall into temptations. But think about the legacy you are creating and where you may need to course-correct to live your best life.