10 Tips To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Taking your career to next level

Companies across the globe are working with tighter budgets and operating leaner, than before. Pay hikes and promotions in most traditional industries are tough to come by. New themes and business models are emerging today that can impact your career to great magnitudes. You must be aware of the trends and match pace with them, regardless of industry or the functional area you work in. 


If you are at a standstill in your professional career but ready for your next move, read on. We all look for opportunities to grow, broaden our knowledge base and make more money. Here are a few tips you must keep in mind, planning your next move:



Be clear in your mind on what your key objectives/aspirations are. Ponder on the criteria that can help you decide whether an opportunity is a right next step or not. Based on your stage of life, think through if you ready for the next step or you need up-skilling. Think deeply about what you want and the pace at which you want to proceed. You must analyze yourself as a professional and only then take the next step. 



Since the market is changing at a rapid pace, you must make time to upgrade yourself; learn relevant skills and/or enroll for courses apt for your profession. Expand your knowledge base and stay ahead of the curve in terms of skills/industry trends.



Make new connections and stay in touch with old ones. You could attend conferences to build new connects, participate in team-building exercises, post blogs on social media and more. When you network well you stand a better chance of being noticed for the next promotion or meaty role in line.



Embracing additional work in tight customer situations/during escalations can make a huge impact on the employer’s opinion of you. If you take more initiative, are a self-starter and offer intelligent suggestions, you stand a better chance of progressing fast. Manage your time and look out for work opportunities that come your way to prove your worth.



Amidst all the action, and your boss’s busy schedule, your contributions might go unnoticed. You may at times need to make an effort to inform your boss of your contributions/achievements. Since a lot happens in a year, your memory could fail you sometimes during important discussions. You must keep all your achievements structured in a doc/file so that whenever you need to talk to your superiors or the employers, you are ready. 



To move to the next level it is extremely important to reflect on what you are doing currently. Are you meeting/exceeding the expectations of your current portfolio? If not, it could be difficult to expect your bosses to offer you the next level of responsibilities. You must showcase that you are doing your current role exceedingly well and hence are ready to move up the ladder.



At times, you might get stuck in places where there is no advancement possible. No matter how hard you work and show you potential, still the superiors may not be convinced to move your elsewhere. You could be indispensable in your current role, which could deter your employers to let you opt for another (higher) role. Sense the situation, and when it becomes inevitable to move on to move up, make that move.



Positive attitude brings in positive energy, and workplaces are no exception. Keeping a positive attitude can help you create a healthy and supportive environment around yourself and can be conducive to your success. Staying positive can let you see things from a rounded perspective, keeping you motivated. Positive outlook can lower stress and help you do your best all the time.



When you are busy in your current job, you may tend to postpone keeping your resume up to date. You must make time for keeping your resume and professional social media profile latest. Professional platforms like Linkedin can prove to be very helpful in your job search.   

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A few traditional industries are facing troubled waters, while some emerging industries (especially technology) are blossoming. In rare occasions, you may feel that your industry is not as lucrative as it used to be or you have reached the ceiling. With the changing business landscape, new businesses are emerging and offer vast scope. Think well, and switch industries if you must. Change can be challenging but might prove fruitful in the long run.


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