Breaking ‘even’ after a career break with an intentional CV!


Career Breaks happen… They happen to 48% of Indian Women Professionals at some point in their lives. Marriage, maternity, motherhood, elder care, ill-health or sometimes pursuance of a higher degree – they happen for reasons myriad depending on the life stage of the IWP in question.  If you are a second career woman reading this piece, there is something more you need to know – that there are 1.8 million Indian women in the club! Read More » “Breaking ‘even’ after a career break with an intentional CV!”

Maternity Benefits amendment – Making it effective


The Maternity Bill Amendment is old news now. So are all the opinions lauding or criticising it. So let’s get down to the facts. The new 26-week mandate from the Government will put India third in the list of Countries that have the highest number of days of paid leave for Maternity. It is definitely a wonderful step towards enabling Women in their critical life stage of Maternity. At AVTAR, we have always looked at ways of enabling Women to lead intentional and sustained careers. Read More » “Maternity Benefits amendment – Making it effective”

International Women’s Day and all things Meryl Streep!






Ever since I won my first award 11 years ago in 2006, I have been a regular on the IWD speaking circuit in India. Come International Women’s Day month and I am in demand!  I can safely say that over the last decade and some, I have addressed at least 75,000 women at over 500 organizations!

Read More » “International Women’s Day and all things Meryl Streep!”