Employer Branding and Recruitment- How Does It Go Hand In Hand


Article By Dr. Nirmala Venkateswaran- Head HR- Chola MS Risk Services Ltd

Most of us are familiar with the story of the new recruits being shown “heaven” before the day of joining and “Hell” once they have been on-boarded and joined the company as an employee. The story goes something like this: An HR Manager‘s soul arrived at the Pearly Gates, where St. Peter welcomed her. “Before you get settled in” he said, “We’re instructed to let you have a day in hell and a day in heaven, and then you are to choose where you’d like to go for all eternity.” Read More » “Employer Branding and Recruitment- How Does It Go Hand In Hand”

Innovative Employee Engagement Practices


Article By Mr. Sukumaran Mariappan, Director HR, Trimble Navigation

Mr Sukumaran Mariappan, Director HR Trimble, shares with us some of his experiences in his tenure of 16 years as a HR professional on Innovative Employee Engagement Practices. His career span spreads across Industries such as IT, ITeS and high tech/ engineering and with small, mid-size and large MNCs like Lucid Technologies, Virtusa and Amazon.com. Read More » “Innovative Employee Engagement Practices”

Keep It Simple


Article By Mr. Vidhyanand.V, Deputy General Manager – HR, Talent Management & Career Development COE, Renault-Nissan India

HR is at eternal cross roads with clear direction required to decide the path forward. New concepts, new fads conquer minds of HR professionals with social media playing the multiplier effect to it. Read More » “Keep It Simple”

CULTURE – Definitions and Dimensions


Article By Prof M Nagarani, a seasoned professional with more than 28 years of teaching, training and consulting experience in the area of Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources.

The study of culture, which was a field of interest to a select group of anthropologists and sociologists till about two decades ago, has now become a dynamic and almost impregnable plasma, from which it has become imperative to find concrete answers. Read More » “CULTURE – Definitions and Dimensions”