Derive the Power of Flexibility

Image courtesy – Pixabay


Article by: Lakshmi Vijaykumar , Senior Research Consultant – AVTAR Group.

The term flexible has been flexed enough in the recent past and in fact, it flexes our mind nerves leaving us in a flux. That sounded a bit weird, right? To make matters simple, today flexible careers are  a global phenomenon. Read More » “Derive the Power of Flexibility”

Bouncing Back From a Job Loss


Article by: Radha Govindarajan, Finance Professional.

Layoffs can be unexpected, whether it’s just you who is being laid off or your entire team. The reasons for a layoff are several ranging from cost cutting measures undertaken by companies to the advent of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, the current scenario is called the fourth Industrial Revolution. Read More » “Bouncing Back From a Job Loss”

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