To the Women returning to work after a break


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Article by: Sarika Tainwala

Taking a break from work can be a liberating & daunting task for women.

Nearly 50 per cent of the female workforce in India stops working after three years, because of young children, ageing parents, or marriage. This roughly accounts to 10 million graduate and post-graduate women. In fact, a good number of women who want to resume work are unable to do so owing to strenuous, inflexible timings and competitive work culture.

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New Job? – Brace yourself up to a fresh start


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Article By Lakshmi Vijaykumar, Senior Research Consultant – AVTAR Group

Often women fear taking a break from their professional lives due to pressing personal reasons and consider those breaks as professional suicides. The fact is those breaks actually can be stepping stones to something new, something more.

Now that you have made that big bold decision of returning to your career and have landed yourself in an organization, brace yourself up to a fresh start. You feel oblivious to the world full of career- focused people around you. You don’t know anyone around you. Every face is a stranger to you. No matter what job you are in, the first day at work especially after a long career break can be a nerve racking one. The thought of meeting new faces, making new friends, building something new and of course, starting from the scratch can psyche you out. Hold on to your breath. It isn’t that scary as it may sound. All you need to do is maintain your poise and remain composed as much as possible for you to not display your stressed side out.

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