Second Career Women get unparalleled recognition


In the first of its kind, AVTAR & British Deputy High Commission, Chennai announce “Inspiring Second Career Woman” Award

Chennai, February 8, 2019: In yet another pioneering initiative, AVTAR Group in association with British Deputy High Commission (BDHC), Chennai has announced the “Inspiring Second Career Woman” (ISCW) Award for women professionals living across Tamil Nadu who have returned to their careers post prolonged breaks in their professional lives.

To celebrate women comebacks in careers, the award will be given on the International Women’s Day to those professionals who off-ramped and have had successful career re-launches. Read More » “Second Career Women get unparalleled recognition”

Take a Break and Breathe – A real life example!


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Article by: Sanyukta Sen

Don’t Get Obsessed with Routine – Take a Break and Breathe

All of us have the tendency to keep running on routines. After a while this routine becomes our way of life, our comfort zone. Taking a break means bring life to a halt, we get scared, its natural. What if this is it, I am out of fuel, I might never join the race again, etc.?

One of my close friends Debashree, a highly ambitious sales & marketing professional, over 10 years of professional experience had strived day and night to climb her professional ladder to become an area sales manager for a Global conglomerate. Since her 10th board exam results she had been working hard first to get into one of India’s best engineering college, then to nail a good package in campus placement and then to make it to one of India’s prestigious management institutes. Since graduating in MBA, she had immersed herself to prove her mettle at work. She proved her worth at every step of her career, and is an inspiration and competition to many.

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One simple way to build your company of ‘One’.

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We would have heard enough about the Personal Branding Revolution. There are a galore of definitive guides online & offline that help you build your own Brand. In this article we will look at a guideline that is often overlooked by many which is your — Appearance.

By appearance I don’t mean 6’ foot high, beautiful mane, trendy makeover and expensive shoes. It’s something as simple as dressing appropriately, looking groomed and a positive and approachable disposition.

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