4 Reasons Why You Should Read

Image Credit: Pixabay

Article By Rashmi TR, Senior Manager – Brand Communications, AVTAR Group

Reading is an investment we make into ourselves. It not only keeps us informed but also gives us an exposure to different kinds of thinking. As individuals, there are certain limitations to the kind of circumstances that we are exposed to. Reading is, then, like getting a complete first-hand experience of the other person’s exposure. So the more we read, the more we expose ourselves to new, different ideas and points of view. This helps us in many ways.

Reading is experiencing

Stories are an excellent way of experiencing a circumstance which might not arise in our own life. Reading a story is like going through the experience and coming out with the lessons, which can help us grow into a stronger and more mature person. While reading a story, our minds go through the trials and tribulations and it is almost as if the event occurred in our life. We can take out valuable lessons from these “mindful” experiences without actually going through the experience! How wonderful is that?

Reading is Catharsis

Most of us go through life at a fast pace, there is hardly time to sit and think. There tends to be a lot of pent up emotions and thoughts – a lot of which we do not realise. And even if we do understand that we are going through stress, there is not always a way out. With bundled up thoughts and knotted up emotions, life does become a bit heavy, isn’t it? Well, nothing a good book-read can’t sort. Reading can be cathartic – be it a story that brings out the storm within or one with a good laugh. Take your pick and get going!

Reading is expanding your horizons

When we read, most of the ideas expressed, in any form, helps us expand our mind’s capacity to think from various viewpoints. It is a very important skill – both at work and in our personal life. A person without that kind of an exposure tends to make the same decisions and therefore tends to go through the same circumstances in life. Life literally becomes a cycle. Exposing to new ideas gives us new perspectives to same circumstances that we may encounter in our lives – that’s an opportunity to change the way we respond to circumstances. Are we talking about changing our own destinies then!? Well, maybe!

Reading is informative

It has been said a few million times and there is no way of saying this any differently- reading helps in getting information. Of course, we all know. And still, that is true and therefore cannot be ignored. Being informed about various things keeps us relevant, especially in our careers. And this is not restricted to any particular kind of industry. The reach of technology into every sphere and its indefinite, fast-paced growth means that it leaves nobody untouched. Reading up regularly and consistently will help us build a strong foundation to leverage opportunities that come our way.

Absolutely nothing can replace the joy and immensity of reading in this world. That’s a confession of a read-a-holic. It’s another world – one that is so vast that there are no visible boundaries. Reading takes us to a place of freedom of imagination and choice that has to be experienced to understand. Do not hesitate – just plunge in and discover new meanings, new experiences – every time!

Happy Reading! 

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of this organisation.