6 Must Read Books For Women Getting Started In Their Careers

Must Read books for Career

Whether you are looking for career advice or a piece of friendly suggestions on overcoming a specific challenge or you need a kick to transform yourself completely, a good book can be your friend in need. Books broaden a person’s horizon, helps with written and verbal communication skills and can help you unwind and relax. Whether you are the CEO of a large conglomerate or just want proof that your hard work pays off, some nice titles could inspire you with antidotes and sage wisdom.

In today’s world when women are taking a lead in all the spheres of the professional workforce, books can stand by their side, guiding them through the tough terrain. Each well-written title focuses on a different set of skills, beliefs, and values that are important to grow in both personal and professional spheres. Here is a list of 6 must read books you might want to grab at the earliest:

Lean In, by Sheryl Sandberg:

The book reached the top of the bestseller internationally and opened many doors for the global conversation about women and their ambitions. Every woman wants to enjoy equal rights at work front but do they feel confident when it’s time to ask for a salary raise, a promotion or equal pay. Book elicits that the statistics prove that the data asking for their rights is not encouraging. The author shares her own experience of working in some of the world’s most successful businesses, in the book. The experiences shared in the book can inspire women to make small changes in their life, which could yield a significant result. Lean In has become a cultural phenomenon and a catchphrase to empower women.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey:

The book is one of the hot favorites of many and sells like hotcakes. The book is not only about your life at the workplace but has the power to change your perception of the world around you and can inspire you to achieve more. The book became an instant rage since people realized that they were taking their lives in the wrong direction and by doing simple things they can navigate their life on the right track. The book can make a delightful read for men as well as women who want to carve a niche of their own. Wisdom in the book can help you live life effectively and get close to the idea of being a success in life.

The subtle art of giving no f*ck by Mark Manson:

The book has a fresh style, and conveys the underlying message without running in loops. Today’s generation especially women are always told that they have to be positive in every scenario. The book cuts through the crap and tells how to stop trying to be “positive” all the time and truly become a better and a happy person. Mark Manson says that “F*ck Positivity” and be honest. The author points out that there are times when sh*t is f*cked and we need to live with it. The book is like a dose of raw, refreshing, truth which is often overlooked.

Everyone cannot behave extraordinarily and expecting this especially from a working woman who plays so many roles in her life, is unfair. The book suggests that once a person embraces his/her fears, faults and confronts the bitter truth then he or she can find the courage to shine in any situation. The book makes a great read for a working woman who strives to be perfect all the time and needs to know that she is also a human being and is allowed to make mistakes.

Drop the Ball: Achieving more by doing less by Tiffany Dufu:

Researches have shown that women take up more household chores and childcare responsibilities than their counterparts. Extra work robs them of the time and energy, draining them significantly over time. Through the book, the author shares some of her failed attempts to get her husband to contribute more and how they worked together to develop a balance on sharing responsibilities. The principles discussed in the book can also be applied to the work spaces, hence increasing the output.

Brave not perfect by Reshma Saujani:

The book offers inspiration and the much needed little push on how to thrust forward when the perfectionist in you keeps you held up. Many times women feel the need to be perfect at everything they do, and this can be a real hurdle in progressing in a career. The author discusses why you must stop being 100% perfect and stop doubting yourself. Women can take inspiration from the book and move ahead with confidence.

99 Day Diversity Challenge by Dr. Saundarya Rajesh:

There is growing evidence indicating that Diversity and Inclusion are critical predictors of organizational success. Managing a diverse workforce is a business reality, yet challenges exist. This book has a breezy collection of stories, fables, caselets and first-person accounts of the amazing experiences of individuals and organizations aspiring to create a diverse and inclusive workplace!

Dr. Saundarya Rajesh is one of India’s most respected thought leaders on Diversity and Inclusion (D & I) and the founder of Avtar Group of companies.