Don’t info-cram your mind

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We get it. You have just enough time after a long day at work to catch a breath. But hear this out, those small pockets of idle time outside of work matter. They matter so much, that they could have a direct impact on your professional/ personal life in the long run. This article isn’t about picking up a new hobby, creating a new music playlist, lighting scented candles, reading Paulo Coelho, or listening to a motivational podcast or a Tedtalk. It’s literally two things you could do during those small pockets of idle time you get every day to turn them into your most productive part of the day.

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Take a Break and Breathe – A real life example!


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Article by: Sanyukta Sen

Don’t Get Obsessed with Routine – Take a Break and Breathe

All of us have the tendency to keep running on routines. After a while this routine becomes our way of life, our comfort zone. Taking a break means bring life to a halt, we get scared, its natural. What if this is it, I am out of fuel, I might never join the race again, etc.?

One of my close friends Debashree, a highly ambitious sales & marketing professional, over 10 years of professional experience had strived day and night to climb her professional ladder to become an area sales manager for a Global conglomerate. Since her 10th board exam results she had been working hard first to get into one of India’s best engineering college, then to nail a good package in campus placement and then to make it to one of India’s prestigious management institutes. Since graduating in MBA, she had immersed herself to prove her mettle at work. She proved her worth at every step of her career, and is an inspiration and competition to many.

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Realistic Guidelines to help you excel at the work place and at home.




Article by : Premsai Samonotoray , Life Skill Trainer.

These days, we women introduce ourselves as a working women or just a house wife. There are very few women, who take pride in saying that they are a home maker. Whether we women are in the office, or home the fact is that we work everywhere.  The question is how we perceive our work. That makes all the difference.

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7 Tips for Taking a smart Career Break

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Article by: Savitha Sampath, Digital Marketing Consultant.

A woman quits her job when she is pregnant, when she has to nurture her family, when she has to take care of the elderly or when her spouse travels. If not for all, a woman may quit her job owing to any one of these reasons in some point of her life. In most of the cases, she is forced to take a career break.

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Currents Of Life !

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Article By Vinitha Roshan, Homemaker

Over a hot cup of coffee as I flipped through the albums of past years and took a walk down memory lane, I realized how much time has breezed through. Being independent was a high those days, starting from driving my own cycle to school from the age of 12. Read More » “Currents Of Life !”

Kick-Start Your Goal

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Article By Lakshmi Vijaykumar, Senior Research Consultant -AVTAR  Group

The FIFA fever is on. It’s all about goals, free kicks and not to forget one up-man-ship. Football may not be played as a national sport in our country, nor be worshipped as a religion like cricket, but the heat of the game is spreading fast enough. Read More » “Kick-Start Your Goal”

Essential Soft Skills at Work

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Article By  Shruti M – Presales Consultant, Team AVTAR

At work put your co-workers at ease and build a friendly relationship with your colleagues. To avoid workplace blunders here are some smooth tips to build relations which will make everyday work a breeze! Read More » “Essential Soft Skills at Work”

How Reading Can Help Your Kids

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Article By  Shruti M – Presales Consultant, Team AVTAR

School vacations are the best time for youngsters to read books to be occupied. Story books, poetry, pop-up books – the vast variety is enough for your child to get lost in a word jungle. A cozy corner in your home is the perfect surrounding to encourage your child to become a summertime bookworm. Embark on a book-hunt inside your house discovering books from your youth and your kids will find a passage to a whole new world through your childhood companions.  Read More » “How Reading Can Help Your Kids”

Personal Branding For Women Professionals

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Article By Nisha Chandran, Senior Manager – Training and Development, AVTAR Group

Today, personal branding matters more than it ever did not only because of the significant market value it carries with it, but also because of the opportunities it offers. For women in particular, a strong personal brand can open the door to new business and career opportunities. Personal brand is a combination of all your real-life interactions. It’s about how you build relationships, how you respond to situations, and the impressions you leave behind. Read More » “Personal Branding For Women Professionals”

Interview with Christina Ranjan – Art Teacher

Article By  Shruti M -Presales Consultant, Team AVTAR

Who inspired you to pursue art?

Right from my childhood I was interested to do everything related to drawing, painting and crafts. My parents channeled my interest to passion by providing me with a home tutor to learn different visual arts in a structured manner. Read More » “Interview with Christina Ranjan – Art Teacher”