Conquer your Boulders

“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead you anywhere.    – Frank A Clark


Image courtesy – Pixabay

Article by: Pon Vijayalakshmi P M,  Junior Creative, Team AVTAR. 

A little story my Mom told me when I was a young girl is what keeps me going when it comes to taking an initiative to get things done and overcoming obstacles. 

                “Many years ago there was a King who was really unhappy with the growing laziness among his people. So, he devised a plan to teach them a lesson. At night he asked his men to place a boulder in the middle of a market place buzzing with people. The King hid in a hut nearby, and watched to find out if anyone moves the boulder. Richest men from the kingdom, merchants, courtiers and even soldiers from the king’s army would simply take a detour or walk past it. The people started blaming the king and calling him ignorant.

            A poor and weary peasant who came that way with his cart heavily loaded, saw the boulder. He put his cart aside and tried to move the boulder. Failing at the first attempt. He kept trying. Slowly, he got the boulder out of the way. Beneath the boulder he found a bundle and a letter. The bundle had lots of gold coins in it and the letter said that the gold coins belonged to the person who moved the boulder.”

 Every obstacle we come across in life is merely an opportunity for self-improvement. One should not fear hindrances but rather attempt to overcome them.

When it comes to our professional life, we all have a set of goals. But there are various landmines we need to tackle between setting our goals and achieving them. These landmines are inescapable. Sometimes we create these difficulties on our own. Here are a few of them and how to face them.

  • Low self-confidence: It puts you in a position where you lack the ability to take initiatives confidently. The peasant is an example that taking initiatives is a sign of self-belief and concern towards your organization’s excellence. Low confidence strikes in you fear of change and failure. Try and adapt to changing situations and learn from your failures. Constant self-assessment is also a great way to boost your confidence.
  • Procrastination:  Let’s face it, procrastinating and being lazy is something we’re all guilty of. This can hinder your overall professional performance. If the peasant had also just walked around the boulder, he wouldn’t have gotten his prize. Keeping yourself motivated and inspired to finish your tasks in a timely manner ultimately helps you climb up the ladder called life. So get yourself up and make things happen.
  • Perfectionism: Yes, you read that right. Looking for perfection in everything also has its downsides. It might seem like a positive and harmless trait on the surface. But perfectionists tend to exhaust and over-stress themselves for the most trivial things. They find it extremely difficult to let go. Perfectionists have difficulties in maintaining a work-life balance and often overlook their health when there’s a deadline ahead of them. They are also ignorant of what’s happening around them as they are consumed by their own work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  • Guilt: As women we are always taught to be selfless and hence there is guilt tied to everything we do. We are always guilty of not being good enough at work or not being able to take care of our family. By the time a woman is thirty, the 20 something girl in her beaming with aspirations dies to become a compliant wife and a nurturing mother. We need to understand that it’s okay to miss a couple of PTA meetings or to take a day off to go watch your son’s football game.

         Those were the few internal obstacles that every women faces in life. We hope you move all your boulders, conquer your hardships and strive to excel in every responsibility you take up.