Currents Of Life !

Image Credit : Pixabay

Article By Vinitha Roshan, Homemaker

Over a hot cup of coffee as I flipped through the albums of past years and took a walk down memory lane, I realized how much time has breezed through. Being independent was a high those days, starting from driving my own cycle to school from the age of 12. As soon as I completed my schooling I decided to fund my own education. I wanted to give my dad the freedom of using his own money for the luxuries he refused in order to fulfil our educational needs. I started off part-time as a paging executive (must say it was a rage those days) while I enrolled in correspondence for my graduation. I qualified myself in typewriting and aviation classes (I aspired to fly someday) but destiny had other ideas. I attended my first interview with a software company. Among 100 others they chose me! I joined as student counselor – hoping to be a source of inspiration and motivation. In four years I was heading the branch. Since IT was at its peak, competitors in the vicinity started luring me with good offers. I secured the position of branch manager with a London based IT provider. Due to family issues I took a break with my father passing away. I was unemployed for a period of 6 months.

The next phase was even more exciting as I worked in the field of education. Worked hard and enjoyed every bit of it. After that I got married and my late hours were not comfortable. Luckily the HR of a leading IT training institute traced me and offered me a front office operations head in the branch close to my house. I jumped at the offer. Work was great and I managed to get awards for my work which kept me going. They also gave me a maternity break with flexible timing. Since I had less backup support, I had to quit my job which was emotionally and financially satisfying.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for me from then on – life is beautiful with one more addition to my family – my second child. I cherish every moment with my family. I still have the desire and enthusiasm to work and I tried my hands at teaching and taking tuitions for the underprivileged. Now I’m thinking of getting back my space.

Hope destiny will take me further to realize myself and reach my fullest potential!