Essential Soft Skills at Work

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Article By  Shruti M – Presales Consultant, Team AVTAR

At work put your co-workers at ease and build a friendly relationship with your colleagues. To avoid workplace blunders here are some smooth tips to build relations which will make everyday work a breeze!

Start the day by greeting colleagues cheerfully. A positive start to the day will help you stay in a good mood and also make your colleagues smile.

It is important to not be distracted and listen when your co-worker is talking to you. When a co-worker is speaking to you give them your full attention, because it helps you develop focus, empathy and helps you understand your colleague better. Once they know you’re a good listener it will help them come back to you for more conversations.

When communicating, your tone of voice should be soft, polite and not firm or rude. Avoid strong tones and yelling. Speak slowly such that the other person can comprehend what you’re saying. When you speak fast, the other person may not be able to understand you. The strength and pace of your tone matters when delivering the message you want to convey.

The way you maintain your facial expressions counts. It should be pleasant, avoid looking angry, stressed or, sad. Your tone of voice should match your facial expressions.

In face-to-face interactions at work, being polite, conveying respect and maintaining a normal facial expression is important.

Think before you ask. Be patient, understand and analyse the situation and think and ask questions. Maybe you already know the answer. Note down queries and fix an appointment with your superior/colleague and get it answered at one go, avoid interrupting them many times a day since it will disturb their pace of work. Or send them an email regarding your queries if they’re very busy.

Don’t interrupt conversations, allow people to finish their sentence, wait and join in the conversation. If two co-workers are engaged in a private conversation get back to them later if it’s not urgent. Respect your colleague’s need for privacy and space.

Preferably contact your superiors/colleagues during office hours. After office hours seek their permission and know the timings during which you can contact them. Avoid contacting them on weekends/holidays unless it is urgent.

Avoid singing, humming, listening to music loudly on the phone when at your desk.

Say a whole-hearted thank you to team members to appreciate their effort thereby boosting their confidence and teamwork. It will motivate them to be creative at work, helping them innovate and perform better. It shows you’re being kind too and that you care about their accomplishments.

When you practice good etiquette at work it means you’re being considerate of those around you. Essential soft skills are the secret formula to driving success at the workplace and creating a happy work environment.