Fit your Fitness

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Article By Lakshmi Vijaykumar, Senior Research Consultant -AVTAR Group

Fitness is the new buzzword. You turn around and you will find eight out of ten people talking about all sort of diets – keto, low carb, green – et al to name just a few. While many of these that are typically weight loss programs will help in losing that extra flab, lack of a good disciplined exercise routine can pull your fitness levels down to unimaginable levels.

For women professionals with long working hours, grocery shopping, family and children, we tend to put our fitness regime in the backburner. It is seldom seen that women take time out for themselves to maintain beauty, fitness and style. Between a quiet nap and hitting the gym, most women will prefer the former to the latter. It is imperative that we squeeze in fitness into the packed schedule and there are plenty of fitness regime options ranging from yoga studios to boot camps and fitness centres all over the town available today.  The trick is eat nutritionally sound diet, avoid empty caloried food, cut binge eating between meals and couple all this with a good regular physical exercise.

One type doesn’t fit all

Many of us resolve to be fitter but lose interest with time. One has to keep the momentum going without letting boredom set in which usually comes as a package with monotony. For many working out at the gym may be time consuming. If you prefer exercising in the confines of your house, spend minimum 30-45 minutes sweating it out. Or, it would be a good idea to team up with your husband and kids to go cycling, or swimming or even long unpaused walks.

Set up the alarm early

Who doesn’t want that sacred silence in the mornings with a cup of hot piping coffee before the noise from both the outside world and the household starts bleeding into your mind?  However, if those few minutes are galloping your time at a gym or a walk, or yoga or an exercise routine, set time schedules to manage both coffee and exercise. It’s worthwhile to think on how you want to spend those few hours before you start into the daily rigmarole. Having said that to build a routine that will not only calm you but also help you remain efficient through the day will take a lot of trial and error method. Once you figure out the best way, try to stick to the routine.

You don’t like it, cut it out

You have to find something that you like doing, I mean really like doing. It could be a gym workout, or swim laps, a yoga session, cycling or even an outdoor sport like a game of tennis or badminton. The idea is to stay fit.

Losing weight, jumping higher, running five kilometers more, or cycling longer or even extra laps of swimming are all by products of your fitness regime. If you find a pattern of exercise boring, try to choose something that will keep you up and going.

Set small goals

It will be wise to set small but achievable goals on a daily basis. Don’t look at the person next to your treadmill and try to run faster or increase the lap. Just make one small change in your exercise pattern every day that will make your fitness goals incredibly easier to reach.

Eat and drink right

Drink a lot of water – it not only keeps you hydrated but also suppresses hunger and keeps your system clean. While carbs are an important source of energy, include a lot of protein so that carbs break down slowly in your system and thereby enabling you to not add those extra kilos. Stay clean of sugar – in any form. Be it in your coffee, tea or any other beverage. If you are a sweet tooth person and have a major craving for a sweet reach out to a dark chocolate. Don’t forget to pack a box of almonds or cut fruit or cucumber for those mid afternoon cravings to your office. Avoid snacking on fried items, biscuits or don’t get tempted to a pizza bite at your workplace that will leave you feel bloated.

Keep it simple

Remember you are working out to de-stress and not add up to the all pervasive high blood pressure levels caused by work, family and other mundane stuff. Make sure your workout is simple and doable on a daily basis like an easy walk or a half hour at the office gym. Always listen to your body and take a break from your exercise routine. Keep it less complicated.

Consistency is the key

No matter what type of physical exercise regime you choose to opt for, plan the workout in such a manner that nothing comes between you and workout.

There may be times you feel lazy, don’t let that feeling sink in. Put on your workout gear and start walking around that may bring you back to the groove.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of this organisation.