How I started my Bakery

Article by Sylvia Rodrigues, Entrepreneur.

I have been working all my life to meet the financial needs of my family. However deep within somewhere for so many years I wanted to start my own bakery as I have a lot of passion in baking but never got the time to do something that I wanted to do may be because of the responsibilities that were never ending. Be it my maternal family who needed me or my daughter, my husband…life continued with 9 to 6 job. I am thankful to God for giving me this ability to help me raise my nephew who completed his mechanical engineering, niece who is now an MBA and now my daughter who is in STD 6. It is this year that I felt now I can take a break for myself and spend the time doing what I want to…hence took a break from my job, having said that it wasn’t an easy decision because there were so many questions still to be answered like how will the EMI get paid, what if my daughter needs funds to pursue her education? Will I be able to support her financially when she needs me? What if my baking thing doesn’t work? So many unanswered questions!

But then one day I heard my Inner voice saying ….Sylvia it’s now or never. What will happen if you fail? At least you will have the feeling that you tried it once in your lifetime. All my life I have lived for others but now I must give myself one year at least to see if I can live my dreams and yes that was the turning point…I quit my 9  to 6 job, undertook professional training for baking and now on the verge to start my own from my home….don’t know where it will take me but I am sure I am happy to give it one shot.

The world is open wide with both its arms spread to welcome you back in the professional grounds. It is we who are required to make a decision whether we are prepared to make a comeback. Regarding preparing yourself for a comeback you just need to speak the truth, the reason for your break and how you invested yourself during the break is what matters.

I too was forced to take a break in 2013 for 2 years while I was employed with a MNC Bank due to family reasons but having said that these 2 years I polished myself developed new skills like built up communication skills and then once when the situation at home were back to normalcy I returned back.

I was welcomed back by another prestigious bank who hired me on the same pay scale without compromise. They saw the talent and potential and then I started off once again.