How To Engage Your Kids Creatively This Summer


Image Credit : Pexels

Article By  Shruti M – Presales Consultant, Team AVTAR

How can you ensure that your children spend summer holidays in a productive way?

Make a list of things you’d like to do with your kids this summer. Planning ahead will save you time.

Here are some great ideas to keep your kids’ creative juices flowing this summer. Involve them in fun activities, instill good values in them, take them outdoors. Choose what suits your daily routine:

 Holidays are the best time to involve kids in household chores – make it fun! Appreciate their hard work by giving an incentive for each day’s chore – a small chocolate, a story book or crayons, a gift they’ll like.  Teach them to wash their plates after meals, arrange the table for lunch, fold their clothes, organize their toys.

Organize a treasure hunt for them in the house with their friends helping them hone their detective skills at a young age! This is a nice way to involve their friends in the vicinity.

Once a week conduct a storytelling session for your kids in a cozy corner of your house where you can tell them about your upbringing, lessons learnt and career. This is a good way to inspire them through motivational storytelling and help them develop their listening skills.

Summer outings – take them to a botanical garden to educate them about plants and why preserving nature is important. A visit to a vegetable farm where they have an opportunity to observe vegetable production will be educative.

Ask them to plant seeds at home in a pot and paint the pot/container making it more fun!  As they observe the growth process, this will teach them patience and they will appreciate what nature has to offer.

Buy them a pet they ‘re fond of. It will teach them responsibility and they will have a new friend to play with.

Start a book reading club – Invite their friends for book reading. Let them read out aloud expressively and complete stories. This will develop their confidence to speak in front of a crowd.

Take advantage of summer camps, art classes, sport activities for kids. Enrolling them in these will help them make new friends and develop and learn new skills. Nothing like a baking class to build a bond with your child – enjoy their enthusiasm when they cook!

A vacation to a kid-friendly destination of their choice will make it a memorable summer. Take your parents along, this way they spend time with grandparents. Immersing them in new surroundings, cultures will help them to adjust and experience new places at a young age.

Create a scrapbook with summer memories. Ask them to take pictures which they can fill the scrapbook with or pin it on a pin-up board. Create a painting with their palm prints on it using kid-friendly paints. It will make a nice wall-hanging. Get them to make a card for their grandparents as a token of their love for them. Handmade is always special.

Coloring books are a fun pass time where kids can get lost in a maze of designs and colors for hours together – give them a box of color pencils and they’re good to go! Put up their drawing/artwork in your office cubicle as appreciation for their creative work.

Rearrange and declutter their room. Collect toys, games, clothes they don’t want. Donate it to a charity. Repaint the room in bright colors as a summer project.

Shortlist their favorite movies and watch it with them on weekends. Make their most-liked dish for movie-time.

Build your child’s word power by playing scrabble and memory games.

Set aside time to make crafts with your kids – this is a smart way to teach them recycling. Caterpillars from paper plates, doll houses from shoe boxes, paper bags from newspapers and much more!

Teach them to admire nature – look for shapes in clouds and gaze at the stars. Let them search for leaves of certain shapes and shadows in sunlight.

At the end of each day ask them to jot down positive experiences they had that day. It will them develop positive thinking and why they should be grateful for daily things they take for granted.