In Conversation with a Passionate Returnee!

Image Courtesy – Freepik

Article by Jalaja Ct, Software Developer

Women. A strength herself, have clearly niched a way through this world.

She is like a duck on water. Calm on the surface, while her feet kicking up a storm under.

Being blessed with multi-tasking abilities which are a boon & a bane.

The best part is that she gets to choose when to use it for her benefit.

Talking about one such aspiring woman who is a successful Homepreneur®.

She is also a mentor to many aspiring minds who wish to not give up on their passion by working from home.

Deepa Govind did her Masters in Fisheries and Aquatic biology from MSUniversity of Baroda (Vadodara) & was initiated to “Computer Education”. She is a self-taught techie, a zoho enthusiast, and mentor to aspiring Homepreneur®s. She began her journey as a blogger in 2007, working entirely from home, she also built custom apps as a side hustle. Soon, she became a Developer, Trainer & Certified Solution Partner at a renowned & leading Cloud software company.

She started blogging at home for passion. She took up any project that came her way but at  the same time burnt her fingers with clients who hadn’t showed up when invoices were raised. But learning by the mistakes,

As a Blog-Coordinator but as a Non-Techy in collaboration with the writing team of a Cloud software company she had to keep track of submissions, version control, approvals and payment to writes and then successfully build some Applications too. Now an avid Business apps developer, transitioned herself from a certified Trainer to a certified Solution Partner and an implementation integrator. She guides others with her own Facebook support group, blog and website.


When asked about her career comeback,

She said, as much as “a break from career” is a taught-psyche, “return to career” can also be a learned psyche. Make a conscious effort to re-teach your psyche about returning to your career. This will ensure that your subconscious will take care of your motivating aspects and you will be working on your skills that will put you back on the team sooner than you expect.

How do you manage work and home?

In her own words “It has to be, Balanced. I do have my extended family, my husband and house-help to support me. It is also our duty to be mindful of the wants and needs of the family, and they will surprise us with their unprecedented support when we least anticipate it.
Keep the family close. It’s a great lesson you are giving to the child. Be the example you want your child to learn from.”

Tell us about how you managed Child care.

The biggest concern of a new mother trying to get back on her full time career is child care. As much as hired-help is a help-on-demand, traditional wisdom has proved time and again the family’s care to the young one cannot match up to any hired-help (not all of us are lucky to get exceptional hired help).

“Men are the biggest support system for women today to work guilt free.’’ What is your comment on that?

It is time for us to come out of the 80s-and-90’s and stop blaming men at home and workplace for the (career) choices we make.

Yes, there is gender bias. Yes, there is gender-pay gap, but this is a collective phenomenon and not entirely men-induced. It’s all about perception of the person at the chair (irrespective of gender).

We are being more unapologetic about the choices we make and the need to defend them.

Men in our lives (personally, professionally) have played vital part in our transformation. They are our allies every step of our way and its time that we returned the favour and acknowledged their presence in our lives.