In Conversation with a Working Mother

1. Please tell us about yourself, your passions and dreams.

My name is Richa Chauhan. I reside in Baroda. We have a small family of four, apart from me – my dear husband and two sons. I am passionate about everything that is a creative medium of expression. I love writing, speaking, acting and making videos. Recently I have been attracted towards zero waste lifestyle, though not easy but I am trying my best to make a difference.

2. Was your break a conscious decision? What were the obvious fears when you started looking out for openings?

My children have never been a problem for me whenever I had thought of reviving my career, (Radio Anchor in AIR, copywriter in an Advertising Agency, now an English Teacher). The only pressure was to keep “people” happy at home. All my breaks were due to their insecurities. And I gave up thinking it as my “DUTY”. Finally had to take my stand, though changed my stream drastically but thanks to social media for being the outburst of my creative ideas.

3. What kind of support or opposition you experienced when you discussed about your comeback with your family and friends?

Opposition? Trust me nothing comes easy. I had to turn into a rebel to make them understand the duality of their faces. Thankfully my husband is a gem and is my support system for taking care of our children.

4. Did you have any expectations from the new job?

I needed a job that could make peace with my being a mother. Living in a nuclear family now, few adjustments were required. Home and children were ready; creativity was flowing but I needed some extra income to spend on my creative passions.

5. Would you like to share some of the questions that you didn’t have an answer or found them irrelevant in the interview?


6. How important is flexible working to you? Do you think it is a must for all women getting back to career after a break?

Flexibility is a must. It makes you surrender more as an employee. Flexibility provided by the employer gradually becomes a concrete foundation for women to stick and work whole heartedly. We give our best in whatever we do.

7. What was your job preference when you were looking to comeback – Jobs that exactly matched your previous jobs, Jobs that matched your skills or Jobs that gave you flexibility while working?

A source of extra income makes my creative output more powerful and rock solid. That’s what I got! A good part time job, paying me a decent amount and I also get time for doing the things that I have always wanted to do.

8. How did you prepare yourself for the interview?

I have given so many interviews since the age of 21 and now it has become a habit. This time I was looking for the correct employer rather than portraying myself as a correct employee.

9. Would you like give some tips to I-Winners on career comeback.

Just go with the flow. Neither try too hard nor be laid back.