Intentional Career Pathing: Participant Testimonials


Article By Shruti M- Presales Consultant, Team AVTAR

ICP (Intentional Career Pathing) is a trademark corporate training program for women professionals by AVTAR Group. AVTAR conducted a six month training program for IBM leading to real transformation in the lives of women professionals!

Intentional Career Pathing is a method of developing specific skills convergent with mid-term and long-term career milestones which will enable a woman to pursue her vision successfully and sustainably.

We are very excited to present few IBM Participant testimonials who attended DISHA ICP:

Be Bold, Be Beautiful…!!!

Article By Devashreeta Ojha

It was one busy afternoon when I stumbled on this e-mail which was waiting for my one glance and said “Curtain Raiser – Disha (Intentional Career Pathing) 2017”. The subject line of the e-mail put up a smile on my face as I thought I was about to open a movie/video link.. but after reading a couple of lines my mind got flooded with questions…for a couple of minutes thereafter I kept pondering on what this is all about? Who nominated me and why? Did I nominate myself or any of my managers did (as I had a manager change just around that time)? When was this nomination sent? What’s in it for me? Will I be able to make it for the session (due to my work commitments)? I was again up for a surprise when I saw 75 young and beautiful faces in the hall on first day, along with role models like Suman Chand, Dr. Saundarya Rajesh and Nisha Chandran. Working in a corporate I always aspired to be one such leader and wondered how these Women are so strong what sacrifices they would have made to be in these positions and most importantly – how I can be one like them? What started as a Ladies get together unfolded with many laughter sessions, chit chats, compliment sharing and lots of learning. Learning – SAMA: how to analyze situations and equip self to face personal/ professional hurdles, learn to stand for each other in support, learn to share knowledge, learn to break prejudices, learn to speak up and raise voice for help needed, learn in spite of my tiring schedules I pulled myself to each session as I could see others pushing their limits and coming forward against all their personal odds, if they can then why not me? Over the period of last few months journey there has been immense learning and confidence building amongst each of us. Hearing the various leaders has inspired each one of us in many ways which I don’t think we would have got an opportunity to if it wouldn’t have been DISHA ICP. Even before attending these sessions I always thought myself to be a career oriented and confident woman but DISHA ICP has given me DISHA towards following my Dreams with more passion. We get one life to live our Dreams…. Let’s live it to the most. Cannot thank DISHA ICP team enough for motivating us all …Wishing all the beautiful women to be proud of your feminism and pursue your dreams. Be bold, be beautiful…!!!


Article By Sunamya Chaturvedi

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called Stress, and working hard for something we love is called Passion”. Thanks to DISHA ICP program for reigniting that passion back in us which goes into a dormant state sometimes with the speed breakers in everyone’s personal and professional life. This program made us believe that we still have steering in our hand and it’s just a bit of accelerator that we need to use with the focus on our goals. With lot of apprehension, I attended the first workshop, ‘Curtain Raiser’. The speech by Saundarya Rajesh was a privilege to hear. It was certainly a good indication of the exciting things that were soon to come our way. We already knew post this workshop that why we really want to work with the odds in this society, a self-realization in reality. We then knew that this program will help us build a strong career identity focusing on our career development. Motivational videos about famous personalities and how they fought life and achieved success against various odds was an eye opener. Those videos let you learn life from another angle and make us understand that “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up”. DISHA ICP has exactly stirred that zeal in us and it helped us not just realise our goals but reminded us to intentionally plan to achieve that goal. It is one of the programs where you feel you are not alone in this journey and you can see your fellow women colleagues with different issues still climbing the ladder. Your problems/issues seem so small. It is one of the most motivational programs I have been through. The networking and connect we had during the whole program has been amazing. I would so much look forward to each session. This program has helped us realise our weaknesses and strengths and helped us creating a plan towards our success. Be in Business Acumen, Identity explorer workshop, Corporate Etiquettes, Professional Image Building, Presenting Yourself, Skill Builder, SAMA Technique, TRAC Workshop, DISHA Intentional Career Pathing had it all. Closing my experience here is with the below line. “I am not here to be average but I am here to be awesome.” Thanks to my managers Ramya, Ralph, Neha Mahendra and Suji who have supported me through this journey and nominated me for this program. Last but not the least special thanks to Vijaya K Matt for arranging this program and being a part of us in each step.


Article By Karthika Manickam

An Icebreaker?? Yes!! You as in YOU know Who you are? Where YOU are from? And what YOU want to be? From the morning coffee till the time you doze off at night there are very few minutes YOU get to look at the mirror and say to yourself, Oh!  my eyes look tired today and I need some rest, but 24*7 / 365 days your clock runs the same Angel In every woman, there is the YOU that makes imagine yourself everyday as a Pretty Princess!! There is the YOU that makes you embrace yourself for what you are!! But who will help you realize it? That is why every woman here was put together to join hands in DISHA ICP. It is not just a program that is over in months’ time!! It has sown the seeds in YOU, It has kindled the inner YOU in every one of us, It has enabled YOU take a step forward in professional and personal life to emerge as a leading woman, and it just does not stop with YOU It has empowered YOU to carry a presentable YOU who the current and upcoming generations admire!!! Thanks to the entire DISHA ICP team who has numerous hours to help us realize who we are through this program and my sincere thanks to my manager Ravi S Raparti who has helped me get through this nomination.

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