Is Employer Branding An Answer To Talent Acquisition?


Article By Dr. Kiran Bhatia Tandon, Director HR,

Employer brand is a perception about organization brand for its employees and prospective employees. A Brand is significance of the values, the vision and to an extent reflects on the employee perception of the organization to the outside world. It largely reflects on the work culture, the employee benefits, flexibility and other additional benefits that is imperative for an employee to work in an organization.

To the external world, a brand helps create awareness not only about what the organization is all about but also reflects a lot about how the prospective employees perceive the brand.

Employer branding acts as a foundation for the success of the recruitment function. This helps the external world to understand the company’s Employee value proposition and thereby attract talent much easily. It addresses major concerns of the prospective employees like Salary, Transportaion, Benefits, Work culture etc.

Employer Branding answers the below questions to prospective talent and thereby acts as an enabler to the Talent Acquisition process :

  1. Why should you work with us ?
  2. What excites you to work with us ?
  3. How does one feel recognized as a part of the organization?
  4. The career path and Employee Engagement process

Answers to the above questions helps in attracting fresh talent pool and is a reflection of how employees feel about the organization thereby acting as brand ambassadors. These brand amabassadors will help in active referrals adding to the talent pool.

An Employer Brand can be broadcasted through the use of Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Glassdoor, Linkedin, Slideshare). This is imperative as they play a key role in developing the brand.

Within the organisation whatsapp, employee referral tools and other referral schemes will help develop the brand as happy employees are not only your brand ambassadors but also help indirectly in recruitment by referring candidates and voicing their experience.

An employee’s happiness is not just the fact of compensation alone but also the factors of an effective engagement in a lot of ways which is aided by a strong employer brand.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of her organisation.