It’s My Life and It’s Enjoyable and Abundant


Article By Ms. Tanushree, I-Winner

Imagine! A bright sunny day with a cool breeze on your face. There is a beautiful bungalow with a lush green garden. Children are playing there with a ball. A person is sitting on the porch and reading newspaper. Inside the house, soft music can be heard… your favorite tune…and there you are coming out to enjoy the hot cup of tea with your family. Relaxed, enjoyable moments. Life is so good. WOW !

Imagine again! A high-rise building with glass windows. You are carrying a laptop and moving towards the lift. People around you acknowledge you and compliment you as you move. Great feeling of authority. SUPERB !

Many of you resonate with either one or both of the scenarios, isn’t it? Now let’s come back to our present.

Scene 1 – Married with kid(s), following the others in the rat race, going through the routine of household chores and office.

Scene 2 – Married with kid(s), on sabbatical, trying to decide whether to enter the rat race and join back office or be a homemaker.

Let me share my experience- When I was young, I always wanted to work in a corporate world. My role model was my mother. She made the balance of work and family seem so simple and easy, that I had no idea what it would be like. Although she kept saying, “It would be tough to manage however you are a strong girl and you can do it”. Little did I know how TOUGH, “tough” would be. From scene 2, I decided to move to scene 1 and joined the rat race. Responsible profile at office, good day care for my child, full support from my husband, parents and in-laws. Great !- A stable life… Happy Family… What more do you want in Life?

All was good however I wanted more from life. The daily running to reach office on time and then again rushing back to pick up my child, taking care of household work and my family, became a monotone routine. Although I had achieved a lot, completed everything effortlessly, still there was this one thing that said satisfaction is far off.

Something in me asked “Are you really happy?”, “Is this the purpose of my life?”, “Is there nothing more?” I started to look out for other options that would give me flexibility and fulfilment that I sought. I wanted to spend more time with my son, enjoy his company and guide him and others with the wisdom I have gained. This is ONE life that I had and I wanted to enjoy it! However, I still wanted the first two imaginations. Was there a way out?

I had a long discussion with my friends and sister. Everyone gave me their points of view.

Life goes on and it is up to you to decide which direction to take. What I wanted to convey was that you alone can decide what is important for you and what makes you happy.

Listing here a few things that will be helpful in your journey called “LIFE”.

1. State your needs: Unless you state your needs clearly and tell others what you would like to have or want them to do, no one (not even your closest family member or friend) will be able to help you.

2. Allow others to help: Take help of others to help you achieve your responsibilities and dreams. Often we hesitate to ask thinking “What will others say! (log kya kahenge)” or “This is my work, I should be doing it ! (yeh mera kaam hai- mujhe hi karna chahiye-especially household responsibility)” and many other unstated but “expected” work form a mother, wife or women in general.

3. Prioritize your work: Make a “To-Do” list manually or take help of modern mobile apps like reminders, tasks etc. This will help in accomplishing most of the listed items.

4. Let go of the “perfectionist” bug: Since we are multi-tasking, there will be times when we need to focus more on some area and as a result the other area(s) take a momentary back seat. Do not fret that all the work is not accomplished in those days.

5. Take time out for yourself: Until and unless you are happy inside, you will not be able to give the desired results anywhere be it work or home.

Wouldn’t it be great if we would have enough time for ourselves even after fulfilling all the responsibilities? Wouldn’t it be good if life is a bed of roses and joyous? I am sure all of you will answer “YES!”

Well the good news is that this can be achieved! I have now achieved what I was looking for!

Cherish the person you are!

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of this organisation.