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Article by Farzana Currimbhoy, Retailer

 I’d like to introduce myself as a happy daughter, sister, wife and mother. Every one of the roles I love and rejoice.

Being trained to be a teacher by profession I taught for only for a year before I was married in the 1993, to this wonderful man “Imran Currimbhoy ” who is my friend first then my husband.
I came to this wonderful city of Chennai in the year 1993 and fell in love with it. It’s simplicity, it’s beautiful hold on culture and warm and welcoming hearts of its people.

The most important factor of my life is for sure my family. My husband is my pillar of support and confidant, whereas my son (soon to be a lawyer) is the dearest to my heart and my reality check. He is my biggest follower and my biggest critic. My parents and my sisters have always been a big part of my success and happiness. My friends complete my beautiful world, that means the most to me.

The desire to do something with extra time lead me to realise my passion for retail as I helped my husband in the our crockery business. I set up Currimbhoys Marketing Pvt. Limited in Annanagar in the year 1998. During this time my passion for baking also developed making me aware of the gap that existed in bakeware and baking products that could make my passion come alive. So with the backing of my retail experience and the passion for baking came the birth of “Passionate Baking”. A store that hosts one of the widest range of bakeware products catering to a large market all over India.

“Passionate Baking ” as the name suggests is a baker’s paradise. A one stop shop for all your cake and chocolate making and decorating moulds, tools, accessories and ingredients. We deal with fondant and its like.

Today “Passionate Baking” is where and what it is with the great support of its customers. It gives us great joy when we see the expression on the faces of our customers be it men, women and amazing young bakers. This energy keeps us motivated to do what we do.

To the women I’d like to say dream and follow your dream. We as women have great power and have the knack of multi-tasking in the back of our hands.
“We just have to dream.”

Farzana Currimbhoy is Director – Currimbhoys Marketing Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of this organisation.

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