Don’t info-cram your mind

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We get it. You have just enough time after a long day at work to catch a breath. But hear this out, those small pockets of idle time outside of work matter. They matter so much, that they could have a direct impact on your professional/ personal life in the long run. This article isn’t about picking up a new hobby, creating a new music playlist, lighting scented candles, reading Paulo Coelho, or listening to a motivational podcast or a Tedtalk. It’s literally two things you could do during those small pockets of idle time you get every day to turn them into your most productive part of the day.

The Consume & Create Balance:

All Humans are inherently consumers & innately creators. Some write, some doodle, some paint, some cook, some craft. But over the years we’ve fallen into the consumption race. We consume so much data be it visual, vocal or verbal, that we’ve forgotten to create. We are all guilty of watching many-many videos by ‘Tasty’ or ‘5-minute crafts’ and sharing them on our social media. But how many of us have actual picked up a ladle or a glue gun and tried to recreate it. Forget being inspired by a video, when was the last time you let your creative juices flow.

Don’t info-cram yourself, give your mind a break. You don’t have to find a new hobby, invest in psychotherapy or go on a recreational trip to Indonesia. Do something you used to enjoy doing as a child. Like the famous saying goes – ‘If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older’ , neither does your creativity.

So the next time you want to skip on the incessant scrolling through Instagram & Facebook, or you’re waiting for your turn at the Doctor’s, or have a couple of hours to spare this weekend, try walking that tight rope between consumption & creation.


Do nothing

Ever wondered why most of your ‘Aha!’ moments happen in the shower or when you are folding clothes or when you are stuck at a signal? Because even when you are physically doing something your mind is idle, at least in most cases. It is scientifically proven that when you let your mind wander after learning something new, your brain memory works more efficiently in processing and storing that information. After a long hectic day, stop scrolling through your news feed and casually think through everything that happened on that day. You might find a solution to a problem that has been bothering you for a while or a new idea might pop up without even consciously trying, you never know.


I understand that this point stands in contrast with the first one. But this is more about the time you are on the bus and cannot pull out a pen &a paper to sketch, or when you wait in the car to pick up your child from art classes on a weekend or when you sip on your coffee in the morning or that 5-15 minutes before you go to bed. The next time you are on a public transport or on the back seat of a car, unless and until you absolutely need to be on your phone or laptop, put them inside your bag to quell the urge to look at your phone and simply look outside a window and let your stream of thoughts take control.


These two things if not largely but adequately affect how you spend your time on a day to day basis and when slowly made into a habit can release you from the crutches of existential crisis and questions like What’s really real? or simply make you feel better and productive. It also relieves you from the hamster wheel of Life and Work.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal

Article by : Pon Vijayalakshmi P M, Junior Creative, Avtar Group