Men As Allies Towards Gender Inclusion

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Article Compiled By Shruti M- Presales Consultant , Team AVTAR

Diversity and inclusivity are both business issues, and human issues. It has been established that businesses profit in several ways from the immense benefits that diverse perspectives bring, particularly when it comes to innovation and competitive edge. Reality is that men currently (and natively) hold a majority of formal and informal positions of power across organizations in various sectors. And they have a great deal of influence on the organizational set-up – in subtle everyday interactions and in inspiring change in larger systems and processes. In fact, in a conventional organizational set-up, men are often in a better position to influence organizational dynamics by using their formal or informal power compared to most women across various levels or hierarchies. And so, for the success of every gender-balance agenda and goal, it is imperative that organizations bring men into the conversations related to gender diversity.  In recognition of the unparalleled commitment of such male allies, AVTAR partnered with Working Mother to bring yet another first to India this year – the 2017 Working Mother & AVTAR Male Ally Legacy Award. The inaugural edition of the Male Ally Legacy Award, the first and the only one of its kind, recognizes three such senior male leaders who have mentored women professionals into leadership. From over 100 nominations we received for this award through the 360 registrations we received for the 2017 BCWI, an expert jury panel chose the winners after a very rigorous review process.

The recipient of the Male Ally Legacy Award along with the two ‘Choice of Jury’ awardess were publicly announced and felicitated at the Best of the Best Conference on November 16, 2017 at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.