Mother’s Day Series – In Conversation with a Working Mother (Part 4)


Article by: Kanakadurga Ramani, Manager – Consulting Services at Avtar with Ms. Sudha Ravinchandran.

1.Please tell us about yourself, your passions and dreams. 

I am Sudha, 45 years young and am Independent; courageous; sensitive to the feelings of others;

interested in legality and logic; scientifically inclined; enterprising; ambitious; adventurous; a good planner; keenly observant; little stubborn; not receptive to criticism; frank and open; strong willed; practical

I am passionate about singing classical music, would achieve one day a milestone in music.  My interest is in growing plants, occult sciences, appreciate arts in any form and I like spending time with kids and elders

I am basically a B.Com, MBA,CS, CMA, and have 25 years of experience in finance & accounts in varied industries.

Dream list is very big.

2.Was your break a conscious decision? What were the obvious fears when you started looking out for openings?

Yes.  Whether I missed out any new statutes, for which I may lack exposure and how I will be acceptable as dependable, being a woman, as I never wanted to take advantage of being a “woman” in terms of maternity and other women issues, I fear the view of my boss on me.

3.What kind of support or opposition you experienced when you discussed about your comeback with your family and friends?

I find no one really understands the real situation; If I say  I am going to office again, they will say “yes, please go”; If I say, I am going to stay back at home, the same reply will come for that. Managing the real house hold work will be rest with me always, without giving any time for additional relief for women.  Friends, of course, they will encourage.

4.Did you have any expectations from the new job?

Yes.  My expectations are limited to understanding the job responsibility and delivering the results with appropriate pay pack; commensurate with the age of women, irrespective of the position.

5. How important is flexible working to you? Do you think it is a must for all women getting back to career after a break?

Flexible working is very important for women at all ages and all positions; Yes. Getting back to career after a break and it will boost their confidence with self esteem and economic independence.

6.What was your job preference when you were looking to comeback – Jobs that exactly matched your previous jobs, Jobs that matched your skills or Jobs that gave you flexibility while working?

Of course a combination of all; more particularly, a jobs that gave flexibility while working, as this gives lot of peace to mind.

7.How did you prepare yourself for the interview?

I go through my CV, for recollecting the date of joining and relieval, and not to leave anything to tell about my experience and keep a copy of CV with me as back up. I dress up with neatly ironed attire with lighter make up and I ensure I don’t get tensed, hence I make everything ready well in advance.  Sometimes, the interview may be in between my existing office hours; During that time, I ensure I don’t get nervous.

8.Would you like give some tips to I-Winners on career comeback.

Life is an experience. Go with the mind that there is nothing wrong if we lose an interview; Be confident and straight forward; Show your interest in being part of the team. Success is yours; Cheers!

In general, till today the business and office environment is surrounded by men in major;  my general observation is:

– the level of appreciation that we are a mother is not given to all women, many a times;

– the tendency of men to start work after tea at 3PM is still continues in many offices and make the women folk to sit after 6 PM citing the exigency is continued, without understanding the importance of every mother at home.