Moving from Dependent to Independent

Changing from Dependent to Independent

Despite being multi-talented, women form a meager 26% of the workforce in India. According to research, India‚Äôs women labor force participation rate is one of the lowest in the world. What’s more alarming is that there has been a downward dip in the percentage of women in corporate in recent years, despite the economic growth the nation is making. Many qualified, talented women in India quit their high paying jobs to care for their young kids and family.

In the increasingly open world, women no longer need to stop working just because they want or need to stay at home. An ample number of new business opportunities are available to choose from, that can let you work from home, and live a satisfying life. Many small businesses from home require little startup capital and involve minimal risk. The most important thing you must bear in mind is to choose the business that revolves around your passion in life. Choose a path that makes you happy, and do what you relish doing.

Here are some of the businesses that women can start on their own, depending on their interest:


With a plethora of information being shared online, blogs have taken a center stage. You can start a blog based on your interest like a food blog, photography blog, electronics items review blog, book review blog, teaching blog and more. Monetizing a blog might take time, but if your strategy is right, you surely can make money here.

Day Care Services

A large number of working women are always on the lookout for a safe and homely place to care for their young child in their absence. You could offer daycare service at the comfort of your home and scale it up or down as you like. Bear in mind to check the legalities involved in running a daycare.

Freelance writing

If you have a command over the language, and a flair for writing, you could consider being a freelance writer. Freelance writing or content writing is much in demand these days, both in India and abroad. The pay may not be lucrative to start with, but once your ace the skills, you surely can find high paying clients for your writing.


If you have a passion to teach, but do not want to commit to a full-time school/college job, online tutoring can be a great choice. You can start as a home tutor online and teach from the comforts of your home. Several websites like Urbanpro can help you start your tutoring business from the comfort of your home. You could teach kids across the globe online (via video call) and be paid well for the services you offer.


Opening a boutique is time tested business, that has helped many women make a fortune for themselves. The boutique business has always been an in-demand idea as women have an inherent interest in clothing. Many new businesses related to boutique are emerging; ponder and offer something that adds value to your customers.

Web Designing

If you are skilled in web designing, the sky can be the limit for you. Web designing is a perfect business option for women with basic knowledge of HTML, graphic designing, coding and copy-writing. You could offer freelance services in the space and make a good amount.


Translation is one of the most sought after internet-based business option for making money. With high-speed connections and globalization, you could leverage your language skills (like German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) and venture into the translation business.

Wedding Planner

The need for a professional wedding planner has risen manifolds in recent times. Weddings are an expensive and complex affair, increasingly people today hire professional planners for a perfect/hassle-free wedding planning. If you have a knack of organizing events and are ready to run around, consider venturing into the wedding consultation business.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants provide services like checking and replying to emails, organizing to-do list, updating calendars and schedules, etc. You can start working as a virtual assistant from home, all you need is a computer/laptop with an internet connection and a mobile phone.

Baking Shop:

If you like to bake, consider baking as a profession. Home bakes are much in demand and many women entrepreneurs are running this business successfully.

Data Entry

Ample number of data entry opportunities are available online today. Women with good language skills can take up these easy jobs like filling up forms and earn money.

Selling your products on e-commerce platforms

Women with an artistic bend can make their products and market them online with ease. Handcrafted bags, accessories, decor pieces, jewelry are much in demand. You can sell products online using e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and own flourishing business.


If you love to cook, you can convert your passion to your profession. You can start your homemade food delivery service right from your kitchen. Advertise your cooking skills by sharing your recipe videos on social media, who knows, you might become an overnight star.

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