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Article By Ms. Neha Jalan, I-Winner

I am Neha Jalan, a chartered accountant by profession, residing in Mumbai since March 2015.I was born and brought up in Kolkata.

I always aspired to become a chartered accountant. However, while I was preparing for the CA entrance exams, I slowly developed low grade fever and a fatigue feeling. My father, a practicing doctor in Kolkata, prescribed medicines and multi-vitamins, however it didn’t produce any effect. This was strange as I had always been an active student and loved participating in extra-curricular activities as well. When the same symptoms continued for a few weeks, my family started getting concerned about it. Constant fatigue and weakness started appearing on my face and I always had a melancholic expression. Medical tests from multiple labs didn’t show any abnormal result; this was a solace for me and my family. However the symptoms remained the same. After multiple visits, doctors termed it as psychological problem and said that I need to adapt my life accordingly. Low grade fever and medicines had become the part of my regular life. I accepted it as a part of life and started moving ahead and did not give up my dream of becoming a CA and finally cleared the exam in first attempt in 2003.

After working for a few years my marriage got arranged in 2008 and I moved to Mumbai. However life had other plans for me. My marriage did not work well and I got my legal divorce in November 2009. The only positive was that my family who supported me during this ordeal and encouraged me to not lose hope. I came back to Kolkata and started working again. In spite of my low grade fever, I used to put in 12-13 hours of hard work daily in my job. My family was in constant look out for a suitable alliance and finally my marriage got fixed in November 2011. I resigned from my job in June 2011 as I was looking forward to a new life and wanted to concentrate on my health issues. However, I did not know that another shock was waiting for me; because of certain reasons the marriage did not materialise. I touched the rock bottom of my life as I was shattered emotionally and I did not have a job either. This emotional shock also affected my health and I started having eye pain. Pain was behind the eye balls and used to get triggered by constant working on computer and any form of physical exercise. All the possible tests including MRI and CT scan were done, but all of them were negative. At the end, doctors diagnosed it as a Atypical Migraine and prescribed medicines. But medicines provided temporary relief. Constant tiredness along with eye pain made my life miserable.

However, I did not give up and kept on trying treatments other than allopathy both for my fever and eye pain. I met an Ayurvedic doctor who prescribed some really pungent medicines and suggested a few therapies. I underwent the treatment for continuous 2 years and the fever disappeared gradually. Though the eye pain could not be treated through the therapy, I felt rejoiced that I had won over my feeling of fatigue and fever. This also re-strengthened my belief that constant efforts will not go into waste and I will emerge successful at the end.

During this time, I had started working again, which was really challenging for me as I was taking 3-4 painkillers every day and the migraine medicines also had sleep inducing effect. Finally I had to resign from my job.

I started developing negativity towards life but again life had something else to offer. During this time, my marriage got fixed and I finally got married in March 2015 and again shifted to Mumbai. Things started changing, though slowly. Initial months of marriage were spent in visiting doctors and trying different therapies. All this while, my husband supported me immensely. Recently, I have started an Ayurveda treatment and it has provided me a lot of relief.

The endless support of my family has given me the strength to challenge every adversity in life and not to be defeated. I feel that my endless struggle with my health has helped me to become a person of depth and substance. I have already started looking for part time /work from home opportunities as I have a firm belief that I would be in perfect health in the near future.

“The deeper the dark, the closer the dawn. However profound the suffering that envelopes you, never forget the inner spark of hope and courage. Never lose the capacity to wait with patient enduring.”

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of this organisation.

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