One simple way to build your company of ‘One’.

Image – Pixabay

We would have heard enough about the Personal Branding Revolution. There are a galore of definitive guides online & offline that help you build your own Brand. In this article we will look at a guideline that is often overlooked by many which is your — Appearance.

By appearance I don’t mean 6’ foot high, beautiful mane, trendy makeover and expensive shoes. It’s something as simple as dressing appropriately, looking groomed and a positive and approachable disposition.

Let’s look at it this way, if you were marketing a product on a social media which one of these formats are you likely to use – A huge write up with verbose intellectual content or a catchy banner with cool animation. The latter right? As much as the content the appearance also plays a major role in making a lasting and memorable first impression.

That is because our eyes are our most dominant sense and we consume visual content quicker and better than any other form of content. Now, all you have to do is apply this marketing technique to your own ‘Personal Brand’/ ‘your company of one’.

In order to build a strong and authentic personal brand you might have to develop a signature style that speaks for your brand. Be it approachable, feminine, creative, modern etc. Figure out who you are and what will set you apart from the black/gray/white/blue outfits even in an Indian context.

Always keep in mind that you get to make a first impression only once. If you wear something that reflects your personality, you not only feel authentic and confident but you are also perceived so. Apart from this comes basic grooming like neatly clipped nails, polished shoes, a nice haircut and always smelling good. These trivial sounding things have a huge impact on your brand and confidence.

Let 2019 be the year you upgrade your ‘Personal’ Brand! Cheers!

PS: The article is not to make you self-conscious about your appearance, it is to tell you that how you choose to look in the workplace has lasting impact–good or bad.

Disclaimer: Views are personal.