#UnionBudget2017: The Highlights

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The much-awaited budget has been announced – an unconventional one in many sense! For the record – a) the rail budget was merged with the union budget, breaking the legacy and b) the announcements have come almost a month earlier than the usual practice of the budget being presented on the last working day of February. Read More » “#UnionBudget2017: The Highlights”

India Budget 2017: What to expect?

The big day has dawned. Probably one of the most anticipated budgets of recent times, let’s look at what we can expect in the field of Women’s empowerment and the job scenario in general.

The 2016 budget saw a good trend towards bringing gender equality by re orienting and prioritising the resources for women.  Read More » “India Budget 2017: What to expect?”

Can ‘maternity coaching’ check attrition rate?


Divya quit her job. Again. She has done this twice in a space of 5 years. The first time was when she had her first baby and she quit within 6 months of returning to work. She took a break of a year and then registered herself on www.avtariwin.com. She fought her way back in and got a job as part of a prestigious second career program of a BPO. Two years at her new job and she has resigned again.  Read More » “Can ‘maternity coaching’ check attrition rate?”

What will make you a Top 10 Best Company for Women in India?



Every company is striving for Gender Diversity. Putting mandatory policies in place is not going to be enough to get the edge though. Let’s look at what it takes to be a Top Ten Best Company for Women in India: Read More » “What will make you a Top 10 Best Company for Women in India?”

The Maternity Benefit Act – A Perspective

My take on the new #‎MaternityBenefitAct : “As someone who has been witnessing the progress of Diversity & Inclusion from a nascent science to a competitive talent strategy of companies, I am delighted to note that there is a strong possibility that mandated maternity leave to be offered by companies is being raised to 26 weeks. This will surely prevent at least 20% of regretted attrition of women in the age group of 25 to 35, being faced by organizations. It also takes India right up in the rankings (way higher than the US, Japan, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, France and a host of other countries) as regards maximum paid leave for maternity. I am equally thrilled that adoption leave of 12 weeks is also available. Read More » “The Maternity Benefit Act – A Perspective”

Best Companies for Women Comes to India!

In 1985, the Working Mother Group of US created the world’s first tool to collate information about companies that were the best employers for women. Today, 30 years later, we at AVTAR take great pride in sharing with you that we have brought the Best Companies for Women project to India. I am truly delighted and humbled that AVTAR has been instrumental in customizing this tool to the Indian workplace and contributing to India’s knowledge about women’s careers.
Read More » “Best Companies for Women Comes to India!”