Practical Steps to Manage Work & Life

Image courtesy – Freepik

Article by: Vaidehi Ramesh

Women, these days, are well educated and are chasing their goals.  However, the other continuum of motherhood holds them back in their endeavor.  It is seen that only few are able to balance both the ends  , while others tend to lose.  Here are a few practical pointers that would help women strike the right balance between work and life.

Pick your location of stay: Staying near  your parents, in-laws or immediate family is great, so that the childcare becomes a little easier. For those, who do not have such family support, it would be advisable to look for a location closer to your office so that you will be available to the kids, when necessary. Once the kids are grown and are at home on their own, ensure to call them at regular intervals to make them feel close-by and in reach. Also, look at other  options for childcare in case of emergencies.

Make a Calendar: Make a calendar to list down all the important occasions at family and official front that includes the birthdays, anniversaries of family, friends and relatives, Bill payments and school fees payments, parents meeting at school, official meetings, follow-ups etc. This would help you plan your days accordingly while enhances your relationship and saves a lot of stress.

Elude hasty mornings – Plan your weekday meals during the weekend.  Cutting vegetables and storing them in an airtight container, keeping batter, dough and spices prepared will also help a great deal on busy mornings.  Make a chart of the breakfast, lunch and dinner plans for the whole week if possible and ensure that your groceries are stocked.  Organise things required for the next day the previous night, including the kids’ uniform, your dresses, bags and vehicle keys ready in designated places.  It would give you a peace of mind during the morning hours and you’ll know where to find what.

 Me time – It is highly essential to have a time for yourself. Allocate a few minutes of your day/ week to exercise, find a new hobby,  meet or talk to your friends or  visit a spa.  This will help rejuvenate yourself after a day/week of hard work..


Balancing Work and Life could be a never ending affair for working women. Meticulous planning , personal effort and optimism are key for striking the right balance.  Plan, prioritise and schedule your activities as efficiently as possible. And in this process don’t be too hard on yourself.