Realistic Guidelines to help you excel at the work place and at home.




Article by : Premsai Samonotoray , Life Skill Trainer.

These days, we women introduce ourselves as a working women or just a house wife. There are very few women, who take pride in saying that they are a home maker. Whether we women are in the office, or home the fact is that we work everywhere.  The question is how we perceive our work. That makes all the difference.

            When a woman decides to step out and work, there are many aspects of her personality that needs to be worked upon. She needs to have clarity about many aspects of her life like her relevant career, the flexibility and limitations, the family priorities, and even how she dresses plays an important role.

There are few realistic guidelines which will help you to excel at the work place as well as a homemaker.

  1. Work Smart: Working hard is and has always been a slogan by many. Working hard is always difficult. So working smart makes life even easier. How about when you do many things but you still feel like you have not done enough? That’s how it should be. If you are not feeling the same now, then you just need to introspect, if you are in the right career path or not. Do work that you love to do or learn to love the work that you are doing. Have clarity on the type of work you choose to do.
  2. Perception Beyond: Go beyond words like peer pressure, competition. It is like living life in installments, sometime joyful and sometime constipated. Focus on your ultimate potential. Get your fundamentals right, please understand that your capabilities will find expression only when you are in absolute relaxation, at ease. Learn to be intense and inclusive and at the same time relaxed and at ease to enhance and unleash your ultimate potential. Being stressed never allows you to unleash your true potential.
  3. Be Inclusive: Be Inclusive to situations at work where people work for you willingly. For this, you have to be first inclusive towards people around you without being judgmental about them.
  4. Address Your Persona Appropriately: Clothing is an integral aspect of your life. Many people choose their attire based on situations like weather, type of work, tradition, expression of their mood or emotion. So clothing can be a powerful influence in your life. So when it comes to women clothing, or human clothing for that matter; it is not about just wearing an attire, moreover it is about addressing your persona from outside and in. So choosing appropriate attire sensibly for work will add to your persona.
  5. Advocate Yourself: Many of us believe that if we just work hard, we will be recognized and rewarded appropriately be it at home or office. Unfortunately that’s not the fact. We all are born negotiators. The only problem is that we do not realize it and implement the innate skills at the right time. So learn to advocate for yourself for better package, benefits, promotions and positions. Learn to promote your skills and put them to use at the right time. Negotiation skills help to improve self-esteem, and using emotion appropriately to work for you instead of against you. So be a smart negotiator at work and at home too.


Just be a piece of life which has the potential to express, enhance and excel in life in all possible dimensions by accepting challenges and situations.