Single Woman Business Traveller – Tips


Image Credit : Freepik

Article By Nisha Chandran, Senior Manager – Training and Development, AVTAR Group

Here are some handy tips to assist you on your next travel trip ! Convenience, preparing beforehand and safety are important when travelling alone.

Research about the place well before the trip, if it is a new place for you

Keep emergency local numbers of police station, hospital & high way assistance (if travelling by road) handy

Check if the hotel has special women-only floors and opt for one. Ensure the room is not interconnected. Check the safety of doors & windows

Add a name tag/coloured ribbon to your travel bag for easy identification

Carry all essentials (basic medicines, Band-Aids, toiletries, sanitary napkins, chargers, etc) with you to avoid looking for things in a not-so-well-known place

Always carry a pair of undergarments & clothes in hand baggage

Avoid wearing valuable jewellery

Carry photocopies of your ID cards

Distribute cash & debit/credit cards across 2-3 bags. Don’t carry everything in the handbag

Always be alert & mindful of your surroundings while travelling. Don’t get lost in scrolling through your mobile phone

If possible, always find a local contact person for emergency help

Embrace the journey & totally enjoy it…’s not just about the destination J

Don’t forget to pick up souvenirs for your loved ones (bookmarks & fridge magnets with a local flavour, native handicrafts & jewellery are all great, economic choices)

Be street smart & try to blend in

Experiment with and enjoy local cuisine