In Conversation with a Working Mother

Article by Kanakadurga Ramani, Manager – Consulting Services at Avtar with Ms. Ashika Agarwal

  1. Please tell us about yourself, your passions and dreams ?

My name is Ashika Agarwal, married to a loving husband and have a daughter who is 4 year old now. I am a B.Tech in Biotechnology & Masters in English and have worked in the Sales & Marketing departments of companies like Nestle India, Luxottica India, Guardian Lifecare & Posh Baby and Kids India, I am currently working at William Penn and have a total work experience of 8.6 years. I am passionate about keeping fit, healthy eating, adopting ecofriendly ways in daily life and Zumba as I am a licensed Zumba Trainer. I dream and aspire to be at a higher level position in the Corporates where I have been working. Also I want to raise my daughter to be a responsible person.

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Who does the Indian Woman Professional battle??


Last week at an Industry forum, I was chairing a session on “Gender Diversity in a VUCA world”. A comment made by one of the panellists set the context in strident terms. “The term VUCA might be new, but what it signifies is as old as earth itself. Volatility, Ambiguity, Complexity and Uncertainty have co-existed with us since the beginning of time itself. Actually, there is never a point in history when it was not VUCA!” he said. Read More » “Who does the Indian Woman Professional battle??”

Financial Independence: What Women Should do for Themselves (Infographics)

Financial accounting stock market graphs analysis

For women to stay active participants of the economy, it is important that they are in an environment where their economic centeredness is allowed to thrive. The most important change initiator in this regard would be the Indian Woman Professional herself.
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