In Conversation with a Working Mother

Article by Kanakadurga Ramani, Manager – Consulting Services at Avtar with Ms. Ashika Agarwal

  1. Please tell us about yourself, your passions and dreams ?

My name is Ashika Agarwal, married to a loving husband and have a daughter who is 4 year old now. I am a B.Tech in Biotechnology & Masters in English and have worked in the Sales & Marketing departments of companies like Nestle India, Luxottica India, Guardian Lifecare & Posh Baby and Kids India, I am currently working at William Penn and have a total work experience of 8.6 years. I am passionate about keeping fit, healthy eating, adopting ecofriendly ways in daily life and Zumba as I am a licensed Zumba Trainer. I dream and aspire to be at a higher level position in the Corporates where I have been working. Also I want to raise my daughter to be a responsible person.

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Mantras for Motivation: How staying positive can make a difference to your work


Article by Ms. Freyaz Shroff, Founder – KurNiv Success Solutions

When I came to Mumbai after nineteen years of being away from this busy and vibrant city, I was looking for a job that would fit my idea of both earning and enjoying my work.  I had hoped that the company, for which I worked, would also allow me to give back to society in some way.  While I got a job and started off, things didn’t quite pan out the way I had hoped. Read More » “Mantras for Motivation: How staying positive can make a difference to your work”

What’s your word cloud?









There has been much talk about the importance of positive thinking, the benefits of looking at the sunny side of things. This is not to ignore the facts of life, but to hold on to what gives us strength and resilience to down the negativity. Not by ignoring the negative but by giving more fire to the good, healthy, positive side of things.

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