Take a Break and Breathe – A real life example!


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Article by: Sanyukta Sen

Don’t Get Obsessed with Routine – Take a Break and Breathe

All of us have the tendency to keep running on routines. After a while this routine becomes our way of life, our comfort zone. Taking a break means bring life to a halt, we get scared, its natural. What if this is it, I am out of fuel, I might never join the race again, etc.?

One of my close friends Debashree, a highly ambitious sales & marketing professional, over 10 years of professional experience had strived day and night to climb her professional ladder to become an area sales manager for a Global conglomerate. Since her 10th board exam results she had been working hard first to get into one of India’s best engineering college, then to nail a good package in campus placement and then to make it to one of India’s prestigious management institutes. Since graduating in MBA, she had immersed herself to prove her mettle at work. She proved her worth at every step of her career, and is an inspiration and competition to many.

But there is so many more colors to her personality than just her business acumen which are equally beautiful. Along with her professional capabilities, she is a skilled dancer and a spirited adventurer. She started training in Kathak during her high school and had enjoyed adventure activities across India during her graduation days. But soon these interests became dormant under the ever-growing pile of responsibilities and desire to thrive professionally.

In early 2017 she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at the age of 35. When she held her new born she was desperate to return to her job at the earliest, concerned about her professional status. But, eventually while nurturing her new born she decided to utilize her break and touch bases with her dormant side. In continuation to her maternity break, she took additional days off to be with her child and herself, before she returned to her ambition. With that thought and with support from her family:

  • Not only did she enjoy her time with her child,
  • She took up Kathak coaching to complete her degree, she always wanted to get.
  • To shred those extra 20 kilos, gained during pregnancy, she started trekking, rappelling and mountain climbing along with various adventure groups.
  • Parallel to that, she enrolled for an online digital and social media marketing course with a prestigious Global university, to strengthen her professional portfolio.
  • Additionally, she kept well connected within her professional network and college alumni groups, to remain updated with the business world.
  • She also started getting trained in equity investment and started trading on a small scale.

Then one day when she felt she was prepared to rejoin the workforce she reached out to her network. It was just a matter of patience and perseverance that last month she joined a retail company as a marketing manager. The compensation didn’t match her expectation but the role couldn’t be less satisfying. She did take a step back with that break, but she is positive and determined to catch-up soon with hard work and perseverance.

She might seem privileged that things worked out well in her case, taking a break and then returning to the professional career path. I understand every one of us come from different backgrounds, have different challenges and fight different battles. All I believe is that sometimes taking a break from the routine not only widens our perspective but also lets us reconnect with our dormant self. We don’t realize but, not being engaged with long professional hours could give us so much time to explore such different things.

Professional work is important as it pays our bills and provide financial security. Doesn’t mean it defines us or our life. It is just a part, like many other aspects. Success is what we define for ourselves. There are no standard timelines to being successful. The value of success should be perceived by us and not be defined by others. Take a break, if you want.

  • Breathe in fresh experiences,
  • Go on adventures,
  • See the world beyond 9 to 6,
  • Learn something once desired,
  • Rejuvenate those tired senses,
  • Strengthen professional and personal skill
  • Explore alternate careers, why not?

Taking every moment of life as an opportunity to enjoy, learn and grow helps us remain hungry, motivated and enthusiastic throughout our life. So, without hesitation take a break.