The De Facto Ceo

Image courtesy – Pixabay.


Have you ever thought about what it would feel like, if you had to start invoicing the services that you provide your husband (let’s keep children away from this discussion, for now) and how that scenario will unfold in your house? As if being a working mother is an easy task, we are more often saddled with day-to-day problem solving matters concerning our spouses. Mind you, this is not a husband-bashing piece, but an actual projection of being the chief operating/executive/financial/technology officers in our households.


From ensuring clean laundry in cupboards, to on time payments (including credit card outstanding), from lunch bag reminders to annual car service due, most of us do all of this by meticulously charting out plans to ensure there are not any fall outs or last minute confusions.


If you had to do this in a work environment, you would get paid (a handsome salary) for all these services such as diligent planning, organizing, administration, so on and so forth. Hypothetically speaking, being the De Facto CEO of your household, what if you start invoicing your services. How will you describe your job and what would you like to see as a paycheck? Here are some cues.


Job Description: Irrespective of hectic work schedule, and in between picking and dropping kids, you find time and ensure his favorite Khaki pants are out of the laundry and ironed before his important client interface.

Due: The ability to step out for two hours and get a pedicure at a salon with zero in between text messages on “Where are the socks?” or “How do I tie a ponytail?”


Job Description: Finding inventive ways of securing the car keys before the next morning rush hour so that no time gets wasted on a never-ending hunt for those keys.

Due: An exclusive one hour of reading real chapters of an actual book that has nothing to do with raising children, tackling sibling rivalry, etc. etc., with a favorite cup of hot coffee. (Preferably before bed time).

Job Description: While charging stations are a common feature today, you ensure his phones, power banks run full on charge.

Due: A girls’ night out without having to worry about the next morning.

Job Description: Tracking down TV remotes from the most innocuous corners of the house, no matter where you are and what you are doing.

Due: Three hours of uninterrupted (read: child free) bingeing on Netflix/Prime.

Job Description: Finding new ways to congratulate your husband who for the first time helped the kid with his IInd grade Math. (“You are Srinivasa Ramanujan’s prodigy”!!)

Due:  Online shopping site coupon worth (fill in the blanks).

Job Description: Annual car service done without any prior notification from the dealer.

Due: A good well balanced nutritious breakfast of your choice laid beautifully on the table and not having to worry about the heaps of dishes that need to be done.

Job Description: Creating mnemonic names for various chests and draws in the house that assist in finding stuff like, belts, socks, wallet, neckties, etc.

Due: A heartfelt thank you.

Well, this is an expense report that each one of us should prepare and use as a pin up, on the refrigerator.