The three Inspiring Second Career Women and their Stories

Avtar has always been synonymous with celebrating Intentionality especially that of Second Career Women. The ‘Inspiring Second Career Women’ Award was a flagship initiative by Avtar & British High Deputy Commission, Chennai to find three women with unwavering determination, grit & passion. The goal was to not only recognise and honour women who re-joined the workforce after a long career break and used that opportunity to strive towards excellence, it was also to encourage other women to make that comeback. We all know that ‘Facts tell & Stories sell’, let’s hope that the stories of these women inspire many more women to pursue their passion.



An IT professional with 10 years of work experience in various multinational companies.

I am a self motivated, career oriented and fun loving person, who is ready to explore new opportunities which come my way.

I am a mother of 2 wonderful kids, always waiting for opportunities to spend time and have fun with them.

Amidst my hectic schedules, when I find some free time, I like to write on topics like parenting, relationships  and learnings about career planning. Through my write ups, I wish to connect with, motivate and inspire myself and other like minded people.


I am a professional with 8+ years of IT industry experience encompassing development and maintenance in client/server environment. Have extensively worked on Media services with Java, Java scripting, J2EE, HTML, JSP, Struts, Spring, Oracle as the technological base.

Currently working as Technical Lead for UPS account in IBM. I have good experience working in an Agile development environment and have attained Scrum Master Certification.



My journey started in 2006. I got recruited as a Software Engineer in Satyam, through campus placement and till 2019 it has been an eventful experience. A five-year break in 2013 due to spouse postings and having a daughter, put a temporary halt to my career as a Marketing Analyst then; but my roles as an Officers wife and a mother helped me build new perspectives.

Opportunity came knocking in late 2017 when I got to know we were coming to Chennai. I started mapping out a clear strategy to re-launch myself and make my self relevant vis a vis those not on a break. A 90-day plan helped me finish my certifications, spruce up my resume and re-brand myself. Within four months of job hunting, I got my calling in the role I wanted – As a digital marketing analyst.

I get a lot of energy and enthusiasm from my 5-year-old daughter Natasha and immense support from my husband. I am passionate about Marketing, Analytics and outside of work I love meeting new people, listening to their stories, writing and appreciating Art.


Right from Avtar’s intiatition our vision was to create a conducive environment for second career women by providing them training and opportunities to those who have their career aspirations as high as their family priorities and are now ready to balance both, in order to get the best of both the worlds. This award is a major milestone in this journey of ours.