Tips for those looking for Work from Home options 

Image Courtesy – Pixabay

Article by – Vaidehi Ramesh, Academic Writer.

It is seen that the number of women in the Indian workforce has drastically declined, due to various reasons that include domestic commitments.  With lack of flexible working opportunities, most of the women find it difficult to balance work -life, thus quitting their jobs at some part in their life.  Thus, the skills, knowledge and experiences of women remain unexploited. However, it is the dream of every women in the society to be financially independent whilst managing the domestic commitments.

This article is aimed to enlighten the women in search of a job that provides them the financial independence at the comfort of their home.

The most important prerequisite is Patience and perseverance.

Tips for those looking for Work from Home options 

  1. List down the reasons for looking at work from home options. This could be anything like looking after the kids, to support elders, or even to escape travel.
  2. List down the advantages and disadvantages of both working from home and working full-time in an office. Every minute aspect such as career progression, societal recognition, flexibility, child care, timings, salary etc. need to be encompassed.
  3. List down all your skills/abilities, anything from researching skills, language proficiency and so on categorised into three- Transferable skills (Learnt and can be applied in other places), Job Specific Skills and Adaptive/Personality traits.
  4. List down your areas of interests. Everything like teaching, or art and craft. Keep in mind that anything like doing art and crafts do have a value and have job opportunities.
  5. Ensure to customise your CV based on each job you apply for.
  6. Analyse your commitments, calculate the effective timings that you will be able to devote to work. Please ensure to estimate the timings based on your kids’ sleep time, husband’s work timings and your household commitments.
  7. Be prepared to answer the following usual questions (if on sabbatical break)
  8. Why do you look for work from home options?
  9. How do you think you will be able to manage work and home?
  10. Why do you have career break?
  11. How updated are you with the current market?

By this stage, you will have an exact outline of your skills and what you will be able to bestow. The next step is to explore for the Jobs that suits you.

  1. There are a number of job portals, that provide work from home jobs. There are also exclusive portals for women that has work from home offers listed in it. Make an exclusive research on it and list them.
  2. Ensure you look out at these portals daily in the time you have allotted to work.
  3. Apply to the jobs that you feel is suitable to your skills and to your timings. Keep in mind that the response ratio would be somewhere between 10 or 15:1.
  4. Ensure to avoid any profiles that requires you to pay consultation fees or charges before starting your job.
  5. There are full-time, part-time and freelancing opportunities available. Look at the job description, timings and the remuneration before applying for the job.
  6. Above all, please note that the remuneration you get working from home will not be the same as you work fulltime in office. However, you are sure to get satisfaction for balancing your work-life.

Hunting for an appropriate Job that suits your requirement is a time-consuming process. There are situations where:

  1. You will not get response for your applications
  2. It may take days to even months for the recruiter to reach you
  3. Sometimes, the Job that you take up may actually not suit you and hence you may need to quit.
  4. You may not be paid for the work done and have to quit.
  5. You will be asked to take multiple tests, but later you would not get any response from the employer.

These are the ideal situations that may happen during your job search.  However, don’t lose hope.  Though bit delayed, you will be able to identify and grab the right opportunity that suits you.  Be Patient.

Thanks to the technology. There are a number of options available for work from home, that are not limited to tele-sales, Customer service, Virtual admin, Blogging, Editing, data entry, teaching, solution architect, mystery shopping to software programming.

Hope to welcome more and more highly skilled and experienced women to take advantage of the work from home options to enrich themselves and their family.  ALL THE BEST!