What’s your word cloud?









There has been much talk about the importance of positive thinking, the benefits of looking at the sunny side of things. This is not to ignore the facts of life, but to hold on to what gives us strength and resilience to down the negativity. Not by ignoring the negative but by giving more fire to the good, healthy, positive side of things.

Words can define things. Or break the boundaries. The power of words is best felt during those moments in life where they are best used – a word of praise for that amazing proposal you helped put together, a word of hope when things have not gone your way the whole week, a word of love when you are in moments of self-doubt. Isn’t it great when you hear those wonderful, thoughtful, lifting-up-your-spirits-sky-high words any time of the day?

What words define you? And what break the boundaries for you? Are they the same?

Here is a word cloud that defines and breaks the boundaries for us, here at AVTAR I-WIN:

Word cloud


What’s your word cloud?

Rashmi T R

Brand Communications Manager,
FLEXI Careers India

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Brand Communications Manager, FLEXI Careers India