Article by I-Winner Ms.Shoba Krishnan

AFTER the break









After working for more than a decade it was difficult for me to decide if I need to take some time off my career to take care of personal responsibilities, finally I gave in to my heart and took a break to fulfil my responsibilities as a daughter and a mother.  Once the situation was settled after two years, my effort to get back to work proved to be a HERCULEAN task.  Facing couple of interviews I realised that it was very difficult for a woman to get back to work after a break where the reason was NOT MARRIAGE OR CHILD BIRTH.

While hunting for a comeback launch pad was on, utilising my time in an effective manner was very important.  Keeping in touch with former colleagues gave me insight into what’s happening in the corporate world, which helped me in grooming myself to face interviews.  It’s imperative for women seeking a second chance to keep their professional networks alive, and be abreast of the Industry’s trends and knowledge.

I kept myself updated with what are the latest changes or additions in my field, used up my time in understanding and gaining more knowledge.  Looking back on my career gave me a picture of what was done right and could have been done right.  Honing up the soft skills also is important (I was using it every day…managing teenager son) Being away from work for some years, does not make you any less capable. Your skill sets will remain with you always. All that is required is a little polishing.

Time to look at the resume that has been ignored for some time.  An impressive resume always attracts attention of the recruiter.   Be precise in how you describe yourself, highlight your achievements with specific metrics while you were in the industry.    Portray wisely the skill sets you have that the job role demands.  Your focus on career and aspiration to get back needs to be highlighted.  Keep it SHORT AND SIMPLE.

Personally I feel that giving time to yourself, pursuing hobbies, meeting old friends, doing things that interest you is as important as honing up your corporate skills. Though the confidence dips & the feeling of being left behind by peers may be present, a POSITIVE ATTITUDE is all that you need to get back. It is very important for a woman to maintain her spirits high.

So ladies out there looking to get back to corporate life believe in YOURSELF.