Women at the Workplace


Article By Ms. Sakshi Bhatnagar, Software Professional

In a world dominated by a man

Another beautiful species breathes called a Woman

Who is often ridiculed and thought of being frail

Because of her being a (Fe) male.


 She wants to study; she wants to learn

She also yearns to earn

But at the workplace she is often let down

Being a woman is her only foul


 You’re a girl you can’t do this and that

She is tired of hearing all such crap

Yet she always stands up and fights for her will

Struggling to make a place for her still


 So she will definitely succeed

Because of her perseverance and hard deeds

She has the capability of doing what no one can

For she is a storehouse of positivity. A WOMAN.


Women have proved themselves in almost every sector viz.  Engineering, medicine, photography, teaching, entertainment and many more. They have showcased their talent and have taken their industries to new heights. But even then, often, they are being judged and let down. Till this day, when we are talking of bullet train on one hand and sea plane on the other, women are striving to attain a respectable place at their workplaces and most of the time in the society as well.

If a woman has managed to achieve something more than her experience, then she is presumably achieved it through the ‘other way’ and if a woman fails to achieve the target then she is catcalled as ‘incapable’. No matter what she does; she is constantly in the radar of being judged.

Based on this let me narrate a real life incident.

There is a close friend of mine who is very efficient at her work. Being an outstanding engineering graduate with a promising percentage, she landed herself in a software development job in a very reputed organization.  Being a fast learner and a smart worker she picked up her on-the-job training at a faster pace and thus was able to understand the assigned project more efficiently as compared to her counterparts. Everything was good initially, with her getting praises from her seniors and clients, but slowly things started to change. Her colleagues started ignoring her and taunting her without any reason. She could do nothing but ignore as she was cognizant of the fact that people are jealous of her success. And then suddenly one day her boss literally insulted her in front of everyone as she dared to do some work of her most senior boss. She was not at all at fault. She just did what she was instructed to do. And that work also had an equal importance. But her only fault was that she did not take the permission of her immediate senior. This was the kind of behavior she couldn’t stand so she decided to fight back but with smartness as she knew that no one will listen to her and she will be mocked down. She pretended to let go of the matter and concentrated on her work. Days passed and things became normal again. Then one day when her senior boss tried to assign her work again she simply refused and asked him to take the permission from her immediate senior before assigning her work. Both her bosses were taken aback. Not even in their wildest of dreams had they imagined this kind of attitude from her. Both of them realized their mistakes and apologized to her.

This was how my friend managed to retain a place for herself in her office. Through this act she circulated a message that she or any other woman employee has equal importance and contribution to the organization and has the right to be treated well. It wasn’t that the office environment was bad or not in favour of female employees but yes sometimes such things happen which need to be fought back.

The major purpose of narrating this incident is simply to reflect the light on the fact that no matter how intelligent, hardworking or efficient a woman is; her work is hardly appreciated but even the slightest mistake from her is enough to criticize her bow her down.

I am also a working woman and had faced such difficulties sometime. But I am lucky enough to be a part of woman friendly organization where not equality but equity is maintained and employees are judged not as male or female but simply an employee. Not all organizations are the same. There are also some companies which are working towards betterment of women employees but still a lot has to be done.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of this organisation.