Work-Life Balance for Working Moms Without a Lending Hand

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Article By Pratibha SG, I-Winner

Mothers are gifted with patience and multitasking abilities; we multitask tremendously in our day to day living.

I strongly believe, we should never let go off our passion and dreams. Dare to dream and achieve our personal goals.

In a life filled with drudgery and destitution, the quest of worthy goals acts as the driving force. With a little push we can create wonders. I always felt, we underrate our potential. We can certainly execute multifarious functions at any given time. All we need is the confidence and time management skills.

Nevertheless, the scenario goes dire once we attain motherhood and we are compelled to let go off our passion. I consider social pressure and at times mom guilt are the major contributors. However, if we consider the alternatives, we can do justice to our passion as well the duty of a mother, wife and daughter-in-law.

I personally feel there is no single formula or “Brahmastra” for working mothers to ensure kids are happy and engaged. Depending on the situation, we should be adaptive.

I would like to share few handy tips that might help.

Set Right Expectations: First thing first, it’s nearly impossible to make everyone happy, set boundaries, whether it is home front or at the office, always set expectations right and have clarity on your role and responsibilities.

Play Dates: Having play dates for kids at home or at times friends’ place who stay close by.

Baby’s Sleep schedule: Understand your baby’s sleep pattern, work around your baby’s nap time and early bedtime hours, they could be highly productive.

Play Areas at Malls: Although, we plan our meetings dinners and interactions, at times we are expected to attend unscheduled meetings too. At such times, play areas and creche at malls come in handy, try and utilize them. Kids love them and they are safe too.

Involve Kids: Kids are a curious lot and packed with energy and enthusiasm, they want to do and know everything. Catch them young, involve them in day-to-day activities, feed their interest. It could be simple chores like cleaning up their room, organizing their wardrobe, study table or doing the laundry. Initially it is a challenge, but with a little help and patience, it will work and will save considerable amount of time for mothers.

Work at a Park: This might sound a bit weird, but works fantastically. This can be a win-win scenario for both mom and the child; child is busy with his/her favourite activity and so is the mommy.

Me Time: Love yourself take care and spend some quality time with yourself. This will refresh and will help you regain your energy to get back to your routine. Take a break from the regular chores, join a hobby class. Getting time off/take time out for yourself is always tricky, it could be venturing out for a coffee with your best friend, visit to the nearest saloon or watching your favourite comedy movie.

In spite of being well prepared, it is wise to have a bunch of friends/family whom you can bank on and are available on call in case of emergencies. Be courteous and don’t forget to return the favour.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are personal and may not reflect those of this organisation.

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