World Environment Day: Why Care For The Environment ?



Team AVTAR in action at Vettuvankeni Beach

Article by  Rashmi T R and Shruti M, Team AVTAR

Why care for the environment? That’s a question everyone knows the answer to. And in today’s world of information and technology, it has many a time been the crux of social media discussions as much as it has been taken up in hallowed stages of international talks. It is a subject that is taken seriously enough both by the masterminds and the ordinary citizens around the world. An issue that has, in fact, been almost the only common concern that brings nations together on to one table. So what has changed? Well, at least everyone knows! Yes, that’s important. But how come we still don’t find much progress from when we started. Many might even say that things have become worse and environmental problems have been on the increase. Why? What’s missing? And that’s not a trick question either. It’s action. Conscious, inclusive, methodical, purposeful action. It’s time we took it upon ourselves seriously enough to not only spread word-of- mouth, but also deed-of-hand. There is nothing more disastrous than a generation that knew the problem and the solutions to it but never did anything about it. Let’s not be that generation. Wake up and move. Involve yourself in action. Because if we don’t, it’s not the planet that’s in peril but humanity.